Simple production ready boilerplate for React, Webpack (using Babel 6, SASS and React hot reloading), tests (using Jest) and coverage.
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Simple production-ready boilerplate for React and Webpack (SASS and React hot reloading) and tests with Jest.

Note: if you want React server-side rendering support, take a look at my personal site repo based on this:


Clone repository and run:

$ npm install

Alternatively, you can deploy your own copy with one click using this button:



node 5+


$ npm start

Go to http://localhost:3001 and see the magic happen.


If you want to run the project in production, set the NODE_ENV environment variable to production.

$ NODE_ENV=production npm start

Also build the production bundle:

$ npm run dist


$ npm test

Only run specific tests

$ npm test -- NotFoundComponent


$ npm test -- --coverage


MIT © Søren Brokær