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srnyx's Modpack

Download from Modrinth Download from Curseforge Codacy Badge

A simple FABRIC modpack that includes all the mods I play with, usually on multiplayer. The modpack includes mainly optimization mods, but it doesn't have OptiFine. Instead of OptiFine, it uses Sodium and other mods like Fabric Capes that give it the OptiFine feel.

The modpack was inspired by Fabulously Optimized, but is darastically different. This repository was also inspired by Fabulously Optimized's. If you can't tell, I get a lot of inspiration from FO.


  • For the absolute latest (dev) builds: clone this repository and run Tools/Export.bat. This will only work on operating systems that support Batch (such as Windows). If you want the latest (stable) builds, use one of the methods below.
  • Modrinth (supports MultiMC, Prism Launcher, and ATLauncher)
  • *Curseforge (supports vanilla launcher, MultiMC, GDLauncher, and CurseForge Launcher)
  • If none of the options above are suitable for you, you can join my Discord server where I (or someone else) would be happy to compile the modpack for you (for free of course)!

* Outdated and no longer supported, it's recommended to use another method!


None :(



The modpack has been set up to be compatible with the rules of most public third-party servers, but it is your responsibility to verify whether you are allowed to use it or not. By installing this modpack you agree that the the modpack author, the mod developers and Mojang provide no warranties for using this modpack, every action you do with it is your own.