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Added reference to demo site and BitNavi's Dokuwiki appliance.

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@@ -62,10 +62,11 @@
- <li> Follow DokuWiki installation instructions found at
+ <li> Follow DokuWiki installation instructions found at <a href="">here</a> or try <a href="">BitNavi's DokuWiki appliance</a>
<li> Enable XMLRPC interface and an account
<li> Run as "python -w &lt;wiki url&gt; -u &lt;username&gt; -p &lt;password&gt; --setup" to create basic pages
@@ -76,6 +77,9 @@
<a href="ss_implantspage.png"><img src="ss_actorpage_thumb.jpg" width="224" height="145" alt="Actor Page Thumb"></a>
+ <h2>Demo</h2>
+ Try it out the test instance: <a href="">Sapho Threat Intelligence</a>
<h2>Other Tools For Sapho</h2>
<p>Sapho works well when used with the following tools:
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