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The makefile didn't follow standard conventions and include an 'install' target. I've added this to copy the compiled to /usr/lib/ This way the library can be installed to the system without having to run ./shell before being able to use the library.

Also I've modified the Readme to include instructions on how to install to the system.


Note: I am Ollie Armstrong from the Grey Matter Robotics (GMR) team and we competed in Student Robotics this year.

Student Robotics member

Thanks for doing this & sorry we didn't look at this earlier. This repo has since moved (mostly) to using scons, so I don't think that this target adds anything useful (the SConstruct file also now has an install target).


Closing this off as it's been open forever and according to previous comment it isn't going to be merged.

Sorry this has been left open for so long, my bad!

@oarmstrong oarmstrong closed this Jan 13, 2015
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