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Small & useful Emacs functions.

Smart Compile

I like to have a key bound to compile, and this key should do the right thing: if there is a Makefile in the current dir or upward, use make, else use rake. Or, if I\'m in an elisp file, just run elk tests. And saving the current buffer before doing anything avoids most yes-or-no-p questions.

Flymake Lua

Flymake for Lua...


I use this to quickly create new posts, automatically using the current date.

Smart Tab

Note : this is the first and outdated version. Please have a look here instead.

I like to have word completion near the homeline, and TAB feels natural to me. But I like to have automatic indentation bound to TAB as well. Fortunately, most of the time it is easy to decide which one I need. Smart Tab does that for me.

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