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;; Various tool functions & macros
(eval-when-compile (require 'cl))
(require 'dash)
(defmacro comment (&rest body)
"Ignores body, yields nil"
;; Math
(defun mean (values)
(/ (reduce '+ values)
(float (length values))))
(defun square (x)
(* x x))
(defun variance (values)
(- (->> values (mapcar 'square) mean)
(square (mean values))))
;; Sequences
(defun sequence (maybe-seq)
"Returns the value wrapped in a sequence if it is not a sequence already."
(if (sequencep maybe-seq) maybe-seq
(list maybe-seq)))
(defun random-elt (sequence)
(elt sequence
(-> sequence length random)))
(defun seq-difference (lseq rseq)
(remove-if (lambda (element) (find element rseq :test 'equal))
;; Strings
(defun string-empty-p (str)
(if str
(string= "" str)
(defun string-not-empty-p (str)
(not (string-empty-p str)))
(defun string-blank-p (str)
(if (string-empty-p str)
(not (null (string-match "^\\(?:\s*\n\\)*$" str)))))
(defun string-not-blank-p (str)
(not (string-blank-p str)))
;; Undestructive alist functions
(defun alist-get (alist key &optional default)
(or (assoc-default key alist)
(defun alist-remove (alist key)
"Doesn't change the original alist, returns a new one instead."
(remove-if (lambda (x) (equal key (car x)))
(defun alist-set (alist key value)
"Doesn't change the original alist, returns a new one instead."
(cons (cons key value) (alist-remove alist key)))
;; Clojure's Trush operators
;; (defun -> (&rest args)
;; (reduce (lambda (x y) (y x))
;; (sequence args)))
;; (defmacro -> (x &optional form &rest more)
;; (cond ((not (null more))
;; `(-> (-> ,x ,form) ,@more))
;; ((not (null form))
;; (if (sequencep form)
;; `(,(first form) ,x ,@(rest form))
;; (list form x)))
;; (t x)))
;; (defmacro ->> (x form &rest more)
;; (cond ((not (null more)) `(->> (->> ,x ,form) ,@more))
;; (t (if (sequencep form)
;; `(,(first form) ,@(rest form) ,x)
;; (list form x)))))
(defmacro -?> (x form &rest more)
(cond ((not (null more)) `(-?> (-?> ,x ,form) ,@more))
(t (if (sequencep form)
`(if (null ,x) nil
(,(first form) ,x ,@(rest form)))
`(if (null ,x) nil
,(list form x))))))
(defmacro -?>> (x form &rest more)
(cond ((not (null more)) `(-?>> (-?>> ,x ,form) ,@more))
(t (if (sequencep form)
`(if (null ,x) nil
(,(first form) ,@(rest form) ,x))
`(if (null ,x) nil
,(list form x))))))
;; Functional tools
;; (defmacro partial (f &rest args)
;; `(lambda (&rest more)
;; (apply ',f ,@args more)))
(defmacro lexdef (name args &rest body)
"Defun with lexically-scoped parameters. Could also be called lexical-defun."
`(defun ,name ,args
(lexical-let ,(->> args
(remove-if (-partial 'equal '&rest))
(mapcar (lambda (arg) (list arg arg))))
(provide 'tools)
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