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Hi srod,

I'm trying to implement this pretty asynchronous minifier,
I've downloaded it, required it, but the minify function always give me back the error arg, and it doesn't work.

I'm working on a node-webkit app on a windows system (the app is supposed to be available on Linux / Mac / Windows).

And I call the minifier in this way :
var minifier = require('node-minify');
new minifier.minify({
type: 'uglifyjs',
fileIn: ["C:\Users...\main.js", ...],
fileOut: "C:\Users...\app.min.js",
buffer: 1000 * 1024,
callback: function (e) {
console.log('callback error', e);

The full error object is :
Error {
killed: false,
code: 1,
signal: null

I was asking myself if it was caused by the absolute filepaths, but I do not have the choice, because I am working on a new created folder (created with fs.mkdirSync...).
I've tried both linux-style and windows-like filepaths (C:... and C:/...).
I create the output file and it is working, but it do not put the minified content on it.

Do you have an idea ?



I think too, that must be the cause.
Can't you use relative path ? fileIn: ["../../main.js"]

Or maybe you already solve ? (sorry for the delay)


Hi, sorry for the late too, I switched projects and didn't see that notification !

And no, I didn't fix it at the moment.
But the issue I have is that I would like to minify some files who are not in the working directory !

So let's imagine the case :

  • I've got an app (so the working directory) that I launch with node-webkit. (I guess it's globaly the same effect as launching an app in CLI).

  • In this app, I'm creating a new folder, on a user-choice form ( that allow to select a folder on the user laptop / desktop. Then I add some files in that new folder, that I would to minify on the fly.

Do you think it's possible without absolute links ?
It's for some internal stuff in my company, nobody really cares about security problems that some kind of application could generate :)

Thanks for your help !


And can't you copy those files in the working directory and then copy minified files in the user-choice folder ?
I don't see other solution, I think this is more a bad access to the files.

Or maybe the temp path, can you specify another path ?

new compressor.minify({
type: 'yui-js',
fileIn: 'public/js/base.js',
fileOut: 'public/js/base-min-yui.js',
tempPath: '/tmp',
callback: function(err){


I didn't try to specify a temp path at the moment, but maybe it could be interesting for me, how is it working ?
Can I specify my new folder as the tempPath ?

I should try it I think, and let you know the result.


Indeed, all temporary files will be created in the temp folder.
Give a try :)


Okay very nice, I'll check that soon :)

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