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A collection of useful project management document templates
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The aim of this project is to build up a collection of useful templates for managing projects.

Projects differ in their documentation and reporting requirements so there is no expectation of producing a one size fits all set of documentation. This project is likely to develop into a set of different types of report that suit different shapes and sizes of project and different methodologies.

This documentation project, however, is being managed in a lean/agile way, so the structure will evolve over time, I'm not going to generate some massive pre-determined directory structure to be set in stone for ever more.

Finally, for now, simplicity is key here. I would like to think that this set of documents can be stored in formats that focus principally on content and structure and are not distracted by style and presentation. However, this is a compromise because, to be useful, it is helpful if document templates can be lifted and applied directly without the need for further formatting. The current decision is to use Markdown format wherever possible as this can be auto-converted to HTML and from there to a solid clean ODT format with suitable styling.

Okay, really final point. All contributions encouraged!

Stuart Roebuck - 2009-04-22

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