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Finally making placeholder text convenient AND realistic
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Quickly present your designs with the famous "Lorem Ipsum" text.

Try it out: codepen

Based on the idea of digitalvillainy's loremFill:

  • no more copying & pasting of placeholer text
  • easy to remove/replace with real content
  • output variations that test your design by simply reloading the page (ups, I did not expect the real headline to be so long...)

Using it? consider leaving me a star

How to use

CDN: Place the following script tag into your project

<script src="" defer></script>

Replace @v0.2.0 with desired version found from: Available versions of Fillr

Just fill in {{lorem}} wherever you please. You can utilize basic functions:


Will generate n repetitions of the element.



Will generate n rows within the element.


NOTE: combinations are possible. {{lorem.rows(5).loop(3)}}

But my JS-framework screams at me?!

Using one of the many frameworks utilizing the double curly brackets? Worry not, you can simply use hard brackets instead:


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