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neoan3 Transformer handling

What it does

This app handles neoan3 transformers and automated crud-operations based on magic method handling.


composer require neoan3-apps/transformer


You will need the following setup:


A model (model/some/Some.model.php) can look like this


namespace Neoan3\Model;

use Neoan3\Apps\Transformer;

class SomeModel extends IndexModel
    static function __callStatic($method, $arguments)
        $handOff = [$method, $arguments];
        return Transformer::addMagic(...$handOff);
    static function test($some){
        var_dump('If function exists in model, it will be executed');


addMagic($method, $arguments, $customTransformerClass = false, $assumesUniqueIdsInDb = true, $customPathForMigrationJSON = false)

Can be placed in the callStatic of your neoan3 model.

$customTransformerClass traces to the model's transformer by default but can also be provided (e.g. SomeTransfomer::class).

$assumesUniqueIdsInDb defaults to true and assumes the BINARY(16) database-handling neoan3-apps/db (required) uses. If set to false, auto-incremented integers are expected.

$customPathForMigrationJSON can be used if migrate JSONs other than the one present in the model should be used for the transformer. This in not recommended.

$transformerInstance = new Transformer($customTransformerClass, $modelName, $assumesUniqueIdsInDb = true, $customPathForMigrationJSON = false)

Alternatively, you can create an instance of Transformer. Note that you have to provide the transformer (class) and model (string) in that case.


A transformer (model/some/Some.transformer.php) can look like this


namespace Neoan3\Model;

class SomeTransformer implements IndexTransformer
    static function modelStructure()
        return [
            'name' => [
                'required' => true,
                'on_read' => function($input,$all){ return $input . ' (human)';}
            'assignments' => [
                'translate' => 'task_assignment',
                'depth' => 'many',
                'required_fields' => ['user_id']

A transformer defines behavior for CRUD operations with the following listeners:

  • on_read
  • on_update
  • on_creation
  • on_delete

neoan3 model handling assumes every entity to have a master-table in the database and potential slave-tables associated with it. Whether of not a relation is one-to-one or one-to-many can be indicated by "depth" (one | many).

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