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Flex/AIR Google Analytics Tracker library
Flash Builder (Flex 4) library project
The library is supposed to be used in combination with the Swiz framework:
API docs:
Add FGATracker to your Swiz BeanLoader
<ga:FGATracker id="fgaTracker" account="[GOOGLE ANALYTICS ID]" xmlns:ga="*" />
dispatch TrackPageEvent or TrackActionEvent on Swiz event bus:
_dispatcher.dispatchEvent( new TrackPageEvent( TrackPageEvent.PAGE, "/pagename" ) );
_dispatcher.dispatchEvent( new TrackActionEvent( TrackActionEvent.ACTION, "category", "action", "label" ) );
_dipatcher is a reference to the Swiz event bus event dispatcher.
If you dispatch from a view set bubbles to true.
If you dispatch from a non-view class: