Eclipse plugin which shows you the errors from your Bugsnag projects + few useful features
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Bugsnag Feature
Bugsnag Plugin


Plugin which shows you the bugs from your Bugsnag projects + few useful features

Update site

When setting update site -> uncheck: 'Group items by category'


  1. Add,edit bugsnag accounts
  2. Show all projects from all accounts
  3. Fetch errors of selected project
  4. See full stacktrace of the error
  5. Double click on the error and go the java class to the right line in the editor
  6. Customize view columns


When developing android apps, I found out that fixing bugs isn't the fun part of development time, I wanted to create new features instead. But, leaving the bugs on the user side wasn't a good thing. Then, I though that seeing the bugs in my IDE and easy accessing the line in code, will help me to resolve them faster and won't free my conscience if I choose to develop new features instead. So, this what pushed me to develop such plugin.


Connect accounts

  • Go to your Bugsnag account and copy Auth token. It looks like this:

  • Open the Bugsnag view in eclipse (Window->Show View->Other...)

  • From drop down menu -> Projects -> Add new...

Manage accounts & projects

  • Preferences -> Bugsnag -> Press New... to add new account with all projects.

View project errors

  • Go to view -> drop down menu -> Projects -> select the project you want.

  • Press refresh button and view errors.

Double click will take you to the java class! :)

View error stacktrace

  • Select error row and press on details button.

Customize columns

  • Go to view -> drop down menu -> Configure columns...

Bugsnag API:


Feel free to pull request and suggest new features. Opening bugs is also ok :)


Apache License Version 2.0