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Application data for []: The Syriac Reference Portal All publications of are made available online in a free and open format using the Creative Commons licenses.

This is a customization of The Srophé Application []. Version 3.0 of this software represents a major code refactor and is not backwards compatible with earlier versions of the code. To access an earlier version use tag v2.x. To use the software with your own data fork or clone a version of the The Srophé Application [].


TEI data TEI data for publications is available: [] The data must be packaged and deployed to your eXist instance in order to use the app.

Additional dependancies

Check that the following packages/libraries are deployed in eXist before deploying the srophe-eXist-app:

Packages can be deployed via the eXistdb dashboard.

Setting up Github webhooks uses Github webhooks [] to keep the remote application upto date with the github repository.

  • Requires the EXPath Crypto library to verify Github submissions. []

  • Requires a config file added to the app home directory. Do not store this file in your github repository. Example:

        <!-- Configuration for Github webhooks sync feature -->
            <!-- github secret key can be stored here or as a environment variable. (prefered)  -->
            <!-- github token for rate limiting. can be stored here or as a environment variable. (prefered)  -->
            <!-- Branch to sync, if empty assumes master -->
            <!-- Collection in eXistdb to sync app to. example: /db/apps/srophe -->
            <!-- App root in git repository. example: srophe-app -->
  • Setup webhooks on your github repository, XQuery endpoint: http://localhost:8080/exist/apps/srophe/modules/git-sync.xql. []