Repository shows how to run a benchmark on Sidewinder
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Repository shows how to run a benchmark on Sidewinder

Building this project

# Download the project using git or download source from Github
git clone
cd sidewinder-benchmark

# Maven compile
mvn clean package -DskipTests

# Check the artifacts
ls -lh ./target/*.jar

# (Optional) Copy artifact to tmp directory
cp ./target/sidewinder-benchmark*.jar /tmp/
- Java 8
- Maven 3

Generate Data

Influx has a project to generate data for use cases, download Influx-Comparisons project to generate data and then running multi-threaded client to run ingestion. Please follow the instructions below:

# Download influx comparisons
go get

# Go to project directory
cd ~/go/

# Run data gen
bin/bulk_data_gen -timestamp-start "2018-03-01T00:00:00Z" -timestamp-end "2018-03-01T04:00:00Z" -scale-var 10000 > /tmp/10k_4h.txt

# Compress data
gzip /tmp/10k_4h.txt

Ingestion Benchmark

Switch to Sidewinder-benchmark directory or use the jar file generated above from tmp directory. To run the benchmark:

In one terminal, launch Sidewinder:

# Make sure sidewinder is up and running
java -Xms8g -Xmx8g -cp sidewinder-standalone-dist*.jar com.srotya.sidewinder.core.SidewinderServer server side.yaml

Sidewinder launch configurations are available in sidewinder_confs directory of the repo

Another terminal, launch ingestion client (same or different node is up to you); note that having the client and server on same node reduces performance by up to 40% due to lack of CPU.

java -cp /tmp/sidewinder-benchmark*.jar <benchmark class name>

Influx Line Protocol Benchmark

Sidewinder supports Influx Line Protocol is one mechnaism to ingest data into Sidewinder. To run Influx API based write benchmark, run the following command:

java -cp /tmp/sidewinder-benchmark*.jar com.srotya.sidewinder.clients.InfluxClientStandalone <number of threads> <localhost/address of sidewinder server> <ingestion data file>

e.g. run configuration on a Macbook Pro

java -cp /tmp/sidewinder-benchmark*.jar com.srotya.sidewinder.clients.InfluxClientStandalone 6 localhost /tmp/10k_4h.txt.gz