Collectd Input Plugin to capture Storm metrics from Nimbus UI
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Storm Collectd

This is a Collectd input plugin to fetch all Topology Storm Nimbus UI metrics via REST API.

This plugin also supports Storm with Kerberos authentication enabled.


mvn clean package assembly:single


<Plugin "storm">
	address "http://<nimbus1>:8744/"
	address "http://<nimbus2>:8744/"
	address "http://<nimbus3>:8744/"
	kerberos true
	jaas "<path to jaas.conf>/jaas.conf"
/opt/collectd/sbin/collectd -f -C ./collectd.conf
For Kerberos

If you have Kerberos enabled in your Storm environment set the kerberos flag to true in the Collectd configuration for this plugin.

Additionally please supply a JAAS conf file to the plugin which provides details on the Kerberos Principal and Keytab this plugin should use for SPNEGO authentication against Storm Nimbus REST API.

Sample Configuration

Sample configuration can be found in src/test/resources