An opinionated tool to version LUIS apps.
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luis-version-tools is an opinionated tool around versioning LUIS apps born from a frustration of other engineers breaking LUIS applications, publishing into the wrong slot and not maintaining their changes in source control. A blog entry on the motivations behind the tool coming soon...

The tool is meant as a companion for the various command line tools in the botbuilder-tools repo.


Tool assumes your working directory has a .lu file, called in this example. Optionally, you should have a .luisrc file as per documentation here. Otherwise, you must provide the --appId, --authoringKey and --region parameters via the command line.

If you have a .luisrc file, you can use the following command.

luis-version --model --publish.

You may also pass the .luisrc file using the --luisrc parameter if you'd like to support different environments from one directory.

luis-version --model --luisrc --publish

If you do not have a .luisrc, use:

luis-version --model --appId id --authoringKey authKey --region azure_region --publish

This will created a new version of your LUIS app with the contents defined in and publish the version to the endpointBasePath specified in the .luisrc file. Removing the --publish flag will stop the script at the publishing step.

The tool will generate a .luis-app-version, which includes the crc-32 hash of the .lu file contents as well as the latest version of the LUIS model.

Keep the .lu file and the .luis-app-version file in source control. Your .lu file is the source of truth of what is the latest model in LUIS. Anytime there is a .lu change, run the script and commit .luis-app-version and .lu file. Now you know which version had which data, at any point.

A secondary binary called luis-lu-export is included that can export an application specified by a .luisrc file or command parameters into ludown format written into the file specified by the --model parameter. This is useful if you want to support editing of LUIS apps from within the LUIS UI but need to export and maintain in source control after the fact.

More usage details and motivation on my blog here.


Freely distributable under the terms of the MIT license.