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A Digital Ocean-esque CSS Starter Kit
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A Digital-Ocean-esque CSS starter kit

This is not a framework and not meant to be extended. Rather, it's intended to be a reference or a starting point. It provides you a bunch of common components with pretty styling (similar to Digital Ocean's design), written in an opinionated BEM.


$ npm i -g djiyo
$ djiyo install /path/to/my/project/stylesheets

Manual — If you prefer, you may simply clone the repository, and copy all the files in the stylesheets directory to your project folder.


It follows the .block__element--modifier convention in kebab-case. This project also loosely follows code-guide.

// Block
.component {}
.my-component {}
.footer-nav {}

// Element
.component__another-component-inside-it {}
.my-component__another-component-inside-it {}
.footer-nav__section {}

// Modifier
.component--narrow {}
.my-component--large {}
.footer--dark {}

// Utilities
.u-whatever {}
.u-spacer {}
.u-pull-right {}
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