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The web app for Dream ROSE Online
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Dream ROSE Online - Web

The website for Dream ROSE Online

This was written a year ago while it was a growing private server. The codebase is shit as this was one of my first few jobs.

During development, I used MySQL. However, we used MSSQL 2005 (why 2005, you ask?) in production because of the server files being outdated. I was really lucky that PDO supported MSSQL, and that it easy to switch databases by just changing a few lines in the config. It could have been improved with environment-based configurations, but I didn't acknowledge any of those at the time this was being written.

Laravel's features shined in this project. I had to deal with the server files' architecture and methodology being outdated; it was hard. Luckily, Laravel was able to provide most of the features I needed to focus on the features.

I used TWBS3. This gave me an opportunity to spend most of my time writing PHP code instead of wasting my time with the interfaces as I was given a short deadline (I was also handling another project at the time). I also had to design the site my self, so Bootstrap really saved my ass big time.

Redis because caching. I didn't notice any improvement at all, seriously. I just heard it was fast while being easy to setup, so.. hahaha.



  • Redis.
  • MySQL >=v5.6 / MSSQL 2005.
  • PHP >=5.3.
  • Composer
  • Bower (which depends on npm and nodejs)

* There will be no instructions for setting it up with MSSQL 2005.

Create at least 3 databases, and dump the sqldump in app/database/dump. Make your way through /app/config/database.php. Configure Redis afterwards.

composer install
php artisan migrate
php artisan db:seed
bower install


Copyright 2014, Dream ROSE Team. All rights reserved.

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