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Compose factory components (HOCs) on the go without variable assignment


You may find this useful if you're using React Router v4. The following no longer has "abstract" routes:

<Route component={App}>
  <Route exact path="/" component={AppHome} />

If you do, you'll get the following console warning:

You should not use <Route component> and <Route children> in the same route; <Route children> will be ignored

Instead, the library advices on doing the following:

  <Route exact path="/" component={AppHome} />

I use HOCs to apply permissions on each route (the following uses React Router as an example), like so:

  <Route path="/login" component={Permission.guest(AppLogin)} />

    <Route path="/" component={AppHome} />
    <Route path="/trash" component={AppHome} />

Since <Permission.auth(AppMain)> isn't a valid syntax, we will have to assign it to a variable.

const AppMainWithPermission = Permission.auth(AppMain)

Which gets verbose overtime. What if we could compose it on the go?

<Compose hoc={Permission.auth} component={AppMain}>
  <Route path="/" component={AppHome} />
  <Route path="/trash" component={AppHome} />

How It Works

Compose applies the HOC to the component once, on initial mount.


npm install @srph/react-hoc-compose --save

Script tags

If you're not using a bundler like Browserify or Webpack, simply add the script tag after your React script tag.

<!-- Script tags for React and other libraries -->
<script src=""></script>

This library is exposed as ReactHOCCompose (e.g., <ReactHOCCompose />).


<Compose hoc={withYolo} component={MyComponent} />


npm test

Bundling package

npm run bundle