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3.42.80 Update

SharpEdge CMS

SharpEdge is an open source content management system developed on the CodeIgniter Framework.

Current Version 3.42.80

PYRO_License - The installer is based off pyro's installer from about a year ago, some bbcode
CODEIGNITER_License - for obvious reasons :D

If someone thinks I missed something please let me know!


Donate to this project, help support development.

Built With

  • HMVC
  • Widget Extensions (thanks to wiredesignz)
  • CodeIgniter 2.2.3
  • CodeIgniter (3.0 is currently in testing)


  • Built on Ion Auth, with modifications
  • Language Module
  • Page System
  • Widget System
  • Module System
  • Menu System - Legacy Support (Depreicated)
  • Navigation System (New)
  • User Profiles
  • Product System
  • Download System
  • Video System
  • Paypal Support (including IPN)
  • User/Roles and Permissions
  • Custom User Fields
  • Template Module to create layout variables
  • Blog/News System
  • Gallery System
  • Slideshow System - Scheduled for Re-Development
  • Contact Module
  • Google Analytics
  • Updater Module
  • Log Module

Javascript framework/libraries

  • ckeditor 4.4.7
  • kcfinder 3.1.2
  • jQuery 1.11.3
  • jQuery Migrate 1.2.1
  • jQuery UI 1.11.2
  • jQuery.cookie 1.4
  • jQuery Lazy Load 1.9.3
  • modernizr 2.8.2
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.2.0
  • lytebox 5.5

Included Widgets

  • Blog/News Widget
  • News Widget With Images (Articles with attached article image)
  • News Photo Slideshow (Slideshow will be replaced soon with a responsive slideshow)
  • Login Widget
  • AddThis Widget
  • Facebook Widget
  • Twitter Widget
  • Shopping Cart Widget (This uses the native CI Shopping cart, with changes to make it use ajax requests)
  • Related Articles

Note Worthy Features

  • 4 Widget Locations (Customize those locations in your (theme/template)
  • Each widget location can have any number of widgets in them (Widget Groups)
  • 4 Levels of Menu Navigation
  • 3 Resource URLS for cookieless domains
  • Attach-able Galleries to News Articles
  • Attach-able Galleries to Products
  • Custom Layouts (Designs Per Page, and per module)
  • Widgets can be code based on HTML based)
  • Software Updater - At a click of a button SharpEdge can update itself!
  • StopForumSpam for user signups. (Registrations are checked against the StopForumSpam Database)
  • Shortcodes (Currently Supporting Gallery and Google Maps)


  • [ai:gallery id=225] - This displays an entire gallery. All you need is the ID Number of the CATEGORY you want to display.
  • [ai:single id=50|size=normal|full_size=false|align=left] - This displays a single image
  • [ai:maps lat=52.373056|lon=4.892222] - Displays a google map using lat and lon
  • [ai:articles tag=Category|exclude=Category|limit=999|title=Articles]
  • [ai:grid size=4|class=class|classp=class2]
  • [ai:endgrid]
  • [ai:page_parallax id=page_id|close_main=Y|offset=100]
  • [ai:nav id=menu_id|theme=navbar-default|pos=navbar-fixed-top|type=bar,pills,tabs]
  • [ai:hide_email name=info||type=text,link]

    More will be added in coming versions


  • PHP 5.3 Or Greater (Tested on 5.4, 5.5 and 5.6)
  • PHP Must run as the domain user or you may have problems with file uploads and permissions (Such as suphp, fastcgi, etc)
  • MYSQL 5 or greater, or MariaDB
  • GD Library 2
  • cURL Enabled (Used for the automatic updater)
  • Apache Compiled with mod_expires,mod_headers,mod_rewrite and mod_deflate (highly suggested)


Pyro CMS's Admin UI is nice and clean in someways the SharpEdge UI is inspired by this layout. :)

How do I install it?

  • Simply download the package from the :
  • 1a Or you can download from the repo at github!
  • Unzip the archive somewhere onto your computer
  • Upload all the files include in the package to your websites html folder (public_html, httpdocs)
  • 3a Suggested (change the encryption key included in the /sharpedge/config/config.php file)
  • Create a new database using your control panel on your hosting.
  • run the installer script included in the package by going to
  • Follow the onscreen instructions. (You'll be asked to create your admin login during this process)
  • Delete the /install folder from the server
  • that's it, you should be able to login and start using SharpEdge


  • If your getting an internal 500 error when running the application.
  • Open the .htaccess file and remove the deflate and expire headers code from this file.

Any other problems send me an email or report the issue on github. :)

My Suggestions.

- To make your own theme folders and build your design in those folders. The Updater will make changes to the default_bootstrap theme when files get updated but your custom themes will go untouched. This will allow you to apply those updates to your themes yourself.


Love to hear it! :)