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<p>Ever wanted to make your Joomla website awesome in just a few seconds? Fear no longer -- <em>Awesomeizer</em> has arrived!</p>
<p><em>Awesomeizer</em> features a wealth of capabilities, ranging from modernizeration to lighning-fast ajaxification of your Joomla back-end. Here is just a smaller list:</p>
<li>One-click installation</li>
<li>Load your favourite libraries, all configurable from the plugin options</li>
<li>Load custom CSS files, and do this site-wide. Maintain all your templates' CSS in one place. Switching templates has never been this painless!</li>
<li>Ajaxify most of your admin back-end</li>
<li>Always keep up to date with the libraries; customize your jQuery version to be the latest via the Google CDN. All libraries loaded via CDN for faster response!</li>
<h1>Loadable Libraries</h1>
<ul class="check">
<li>IcoMoon CSS Icons</li>
<li>HistoryJS and a bonus Ajaxify script for your admin backend</li>
<li>And much, much more</li>
<p>Simply install this plugin in your extensions manager. Then navigate to your plugin manager, and enable the plugin.</p>
<p>Once you select the plugin, you will need to enable it. Also, have a look at the parameters, which allow you to specify whether or not to load each plugin.</p>