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vim-topiary Build Status

vim-topiary trims excess whitespace from buffers on save. Three types of whitespace are removed:

  • trailing spaces and tabs at the end of lines
  • blank lines at the start of the buffer
  • blank lines at the end of the buffer

Additionally, multiple consecutive blank lines are collapsed to a single blank line.


If you already use a plugin manager such as vim-plug, Dein.vim, or Vundle, install vim-topiary in the normal manner. Otherwise, the recommended plugin manager is minpac. Add the following to your vimrc ($HOME/.vim/vimrc for Vim and ${XDG_CONFIG_HOME:-$HOME/.config}/nvim/init.vim for Neovim), restart Vim, and run :call minpac#update():

call minpac#add('srstevenson/vim-topiary')

If you have Vim 7.4.1840 or newer, you can use the native package support instead of a plugin manager by cloning vim-topiary into a directory under packpath. For Vim:

git clone \

For Neovim:

git clone \


vim-topiary provides the following commands:

  • :TopiaryEnable: Enable whitespace trimming globally.
  • :TopiaryDisable: Disable whitespace trimming globally.
  • :TopiaryToggle: Toggle whitespace trimming globally.
  • :TopiaryEnableBuffer: Enable whitespace trimming for the current buffer.
  • :TopiaryDisableBuffer: Disable whitespace trimming for the current buffer.
  • :TopiaryToggleBuffer: Toggle whitespace trimming for the current buffer.

Key mappings

vim-topiary defines the following <Plug> mappings:

  • <Plug>TopiaryEnable: Execute :TopiaryEnable.
  • <Plug>TopiaryDisable: Execute :TopiaryDisable.
  • <Plug>TopiaryToggle: Execute :TopiaryToggle.
  • <Plug>TopiaryEnableBuffer: Execute :TopiaryEnableBuffer.
  • <Plug>TopiaryDisableBuffer: Execute :TopiaryDisableBuffer.
  • <Plug>TopiaryToggleBuffer: Execute :TopiaryToggleBuffer.

These are not mapped to key sequences, to allow you to choose those that best fit your workflow and don't conflict with other plugins you use.


To disable vim-topiary for specific filetypes, set g:topiary_ft_disabled in your vimrc file to a list of filetypes. By default vim-topiary is disabled in diff buffers:

let g:topiary_ft_disabled = ['diff']

You may not want to collapse multiple blank lines in all filetypes. For example in Python top-level function and class definitions should be surrounded with two blank lines. In this case only three or more consecutive blank lines should be collapsed, and to two blank lines rather than one. You can specify this behaviour for specific filetypes by setting g:topiary_ft_allow_two_blank_lines in your vimrc to a list of filetypes. By default this is enabled in Python buffers:

let g:topiary_ft_allow_two_blank_lines = ['python']


Copyright © 2016-2018 Scott Stevenson.

vim-topiary is distributed under the terms of the ISC licence.