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Generate gettext infrastructure
Erlydtl allows templates to use i18n features based on gettext. Standard po
files can be used to generate i18ized templates. A template parser/po generator
is also provided.
1. In order to enable i18n you first, you'll need gettext library to be
available on your lib_path.
Library can be downloaded from
2. Then you'll need to add a parse target on your makefile (or the script
used to trigger template reparsing) trans:
erl -pa ./ebin ./deps/*/ebin -noshell -s reloader -run i18n_manager \
generate_pos "en,es" "./views/*/*.html,./views/*.html"
rm -rf $(GETTEXT_DIR)/lang/default-old
mv $(GETTEXT_DIR)/lang/default $(GETTEXT_DIR)/lang/default-old
cp -rf $(GETTEXT_DIR)/lang/$(GETTEXT_TMP_NAME) $(GETTEXT_DIR)/lang/default
rm -rf $(GETTEXT_DIR)/lang/$(GETTEXT_TMP_NAME)/*
Mind that GETTEXT_DIR and GETTEXT_TMP_NAME must be bound to existing
directories. Args passed to i18n_manager:generate_pos are locales that
will be supported (generating dir structure and po files) and
directories where generator will search for template files including
trans tags.
3. Before template parsing gettext server must be running and it must be
populated with the content of the po files. Consider adding this
snipplet to the code before template parsing
LoadPo =
{_, Bin} = file:read_file("./lang/default/"++ Lang ++"/gettext.po"),
gettext:store_pofile(Lang, Bin)
lists:map(LoadPo, ["es","en"]).
Here locales are the codes are provided to gettext. Those codes must be
a subset of the locales provided to po generation process.
4. Update strings. Edit po files on $(GETTEXT_DIR)/lang/default/$(LOCALE)/gettext.po
translating msgstr to the translated version of their corresponding msgstr.
5. Generate localized templates providing locale compile option.