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CodeIgniter Remap

By @srtfisher - We want to make using CodeIgniter even similar. Sometimes, you can't use a method name because of PHP's own limitations. Or you're updating something via POST and it get's messy code with other GET methods. If this has happened to you, we're here to help.

We support CodeIgniter >= 2.0 and PHP 5.3

The Solution

Introducing Remap. Remapping has exists in CodeIgniter for a few versions. We take this a few bits furthur.

Backwards Compatability

We don't want to mess up old code. We do this by being able to use different variations of method names. We have a few methods we try before we throw up a 404:

  • prefix_methodName_requestType
    • For example, controller/view/123 would be action_view_get
  • prefix_methodName
  • methodName_requestType
  • prefix_methodName
  • methodName

You can view a bunch of different examples in the application/controller/remap.php file.

Dashes in Methods

You can now have dashes in your methods. If you include _DASH_ in the method name, we will take that and convert it to a dash. Take this example:

public function action_view_DASH_transaction_get() { }

Will be loaded when you go to /controller/view-transaction via a HTTP Get. You can still use _post, _put, etc.

Automatic Fallback

You can automatically fall back to a certain method for that controller if it doesn't meet another method. Naming it prefix_four_oh_four_get will work.

Adding a Prefix to Controller Methods

We add a prefix to all controller methods. You can set the prefix in your Controller's __construct function. The default prefix is action_.

class Thecontroller
	function __construct()
		// Set the prefix
		$this->prefix = 'myPrefix_';

Adding the Request Type

We want to be able to distinguish between different request types. If it's a GET or a POST, we handle it differently. Of course, we will revert back to the default method name too.

What You Need to Change to Enable it

The only thing you need to change to get your controller to use it is to change the class it extends. Find this line on your controller:

class Controllername extends CI_Controller

And change it to

class Controllername extends MY_Controller

That's it!

Change Logs


  • Initial Release


  • Added support for Dashes and a 404 fallback method.


I love making open-source software. If this has helped you out, help me out by sending me a cup of coffee on PayPal (


Adding some beauty into CodeIgniter's method names. A rest-ful core plugin that can allow you to make beautiful method names with no PHP-naming limitation.



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