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# This is the spark-sdk specification. It's in a magical format without a name.
# Use this format while developing your own sparks!
# This is the spark name. This should be the registered name of the spark.
name: feature-flags
# This is the current version of this spark. All sparks should be in
# x.x.x format. Validation will fail otherwise.
version: 0.0.1
# This is the version of CodeIgniter this spark is compatible up to. It should
# be in x.x.x format
compatibility: 2.0.0
# These are other sparks which this spark needs in order to work correctly.
# Dependencies should be in NAME: VERSION format, where NAME is an existing
# spark name, and VERSION is a version in x.x.x format.
# spark-1: 1.0.0
# spark-2: 1.0.0
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