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automatically scrobble vinyl to



You will be asked to enter your username and password. The password is immediately hashed and authorized by (it's not being saved in plaintext anywhere- don't worry!).

At the moment, you must be using a record player that has USB output connected to your computer, or a split output that you can plug in to your computer's microphone port. Make sure that you switch your sound input settings to use the record player (however it's attached).

A future update will save the password hash for automated login. Ideally, vinyl-fm would use over-the-air recognition (a la Sound Hound and Shazam) but I can't yet find a music fingerprinting library that can robustly identify music this way. If you find anything that would work in the over-the-air setting, please let me know!


  • Interpolate album and songs given some successful matches
  • De-dupe matches with similar titles so the same song doesn't get scrobbled several times in a row.
  • More intelligent recording (looking for silence to find the beginning of a song?)


portaudio, pyaudio, Cython, pyechonest, pylast

So, first: (I built this from source; I think there was a problem with the homebrew version)

and then:

pip install pyaudio Cython pyechonest pylast

Obligatory work-in-progress note

This is a work in progress. Chill. It'll get better.