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chan_sip: Note change in behavior to how directmediapermit/deny ACL w…


r366547 introduced a change to the directmedia ACL for chan_sip which
modified the behavior significantly. Prior to the patch, this option would
bridge peers with directmedia if a peer's IP address matched its own
directmedia ACL. After that patch, the peer would check the bridged peer's
ACL instead. This change has been present since That patched failed
to document the change in Upgrade.txt, so this patch adds mention of that
change to UPGRADE.txt (UPGRADE-1.8.txt in newer branches)

(issue AST-876)

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jrrose committed Sep 6, 2012
1 parent 93cb100 commit 6d1c84e3db0961b82f0cd32af01a78f4832f475e
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  1. +5 −0 UPGRADE-1.8.txt
@@ -18,6 +18,11 @@
+From 1.8.13 to 1.8.14:
+* permitdirectmedia/denydirectmedia now controls whether peers can be
+ bridged via directmedia by comparing the ACL to the bridging peer's
+ address rather than its own address.
From 1.8.12 to 1.8.13:
* The complex processor detection and optimization has been removed from
the makefile in favor of using native optimization suppport when available.

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