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" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" | VIM Settings |
" | GUI stuff |
" -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
" OS Specific *****************************************************************
if has("gui_macvim")
set fuoptions=maxvert,maxhorz " fullscreen options (MacVim only), resized window when changed to fullscreen
set fu
set guifont=Monaco:h11
set guioptions-=T " remove toolbar
set transparency=10
macmenu &File.New\ Tab key=<nop>
map <D-t> :CtrlP<CR>
elseif has("gui_gtk2")
set guifont=Courier\ 10\ pitch
set guioptions-=T " remove toolbar
set noerrorbells
set visualbell
set t_vb=
elseif has("x11")
elseif has("gui_win32")
" General *********************************************************************
set anti " Antialias font
"set transparency=0
" Default size of window
set columns=120
set lines=45
" Tab headings
set gtl=%t gtt=%F
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