This sample shows how to use voice recognition, text to speech, and content extraction using System.Speech.* and boilerpipe under .NET
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Hacker News Voice Web Browsing

Sample code of voice recognition, text to speech, and main text content extraction using System.Speech and boilerpipe (via IKVM) under .NET.

Main article with further information:

If you use our code you will just need Microsoft Visual Studio 2010. However if there is a new version of boilerpipe you will have to generate the boilerpipe .NET assemblies yourself as follows:

- Have Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
- Download boilerpipe from
- Download and install IKVM from
- Run boilerpipe library and dependencies through ikvmc: ikvmc -nojni -target:library  boilerpipe-1.2.0.jar lib\nekohtml-1.9.13.jar lib\xerces-2.9.1.jar
- Use the resulting boilerpipe-1.2.0.dll .NET assembly from ikvmc.