An Android application used to test a design method while attempting to provide some functionality to Munchkin Players. This repository is the current snapshot of the source code used to make Munchkin Android on the Android Market. It is meant as a design exercise but I hope it's somewhat useful to some people. Presenter source is found at https…
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This project is an application of the MVP design paradigm. The overall purpose of the project was to attempt to use the paradigm to build an Android application. I personally had seen no work done in MVP on Android and I liked the work that Google did with the idea so I tried to apply it. The overall result is pretty interesting. 

The overall idea of MVP is to separate the view specific logic(the Presenter) from the application logic(the View). At the end of the day the logic doesn't know how it's being displayed. All it knows are the endpoints to which it is to display data. This allows us to mock our view into very simple parameters if we want to. By using this simple one point display all of our tests can be written in Java and executed with no frameworks launching.

After working to make the application work like this I started to notice an additional feature I didn't realize before. The separation goes both ways. In the same way that we separate our application specific logic from business logic we can test our application specific logic without need of our business logic. The next step of the project is to write test cases that test the Android views and ensure that there isn't something on that side that needs to be addressed.