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Instant file search integration for the Windows taskbar powered by Everything.


Light & Dark

EverythingToolbar seemlessly blends into Windows 10 and 11 and adjusts according to your theme settings.

Custom search filters

EverythingToolbar reads custom filters previously defined in Everything. To enable this feature, check the Use Everything filters option in the EverythingToolbar settings. From now on, all filters will be available from the filter dropdown:

Custom search filters

Quick toggles for search options

Quick access to search flags (match case, whole word, match path and reg-ex) allows you to find your files precisely.

Quick toggles

RegEx-powered file associations

Create custom Open with commands by selecting Rules... in the preferences. By checking the Automatically apply rules based on condition checkbox, matching files/folders will execute the appropriate command based on the type and regular expression field. Leaving the regular expression field empty will never match, but the entry will only be displayed in the Open with context menu of the search results.

Rules window


EverythingToolbar is compatible with both Windows 10 and Windows 11 and works well with tools like ExplorerPatcher and StartAllBack to give you the full deskband integration even on Windows 11.

Windows 10 screenshot

Other features:

  • Open EverythingToolbar at any time via a customizable shortcut
  • Redirect Start menu search to EverythingToolbar (experimental)
  • Drag and drop files to where you need them most
  • Quickly preview files thanks to QuickLook integration
  • Use custom Everything instance names

Keyboard shortcuts

Shortcut Function
/ Navigate search results
Ctrl+/ Navigate search history (if enabled)
Enter Open
Ctrl+Enter/Click Open path
Shift+Enter/Click Open in Everything
Ctrl+Shift+C Copy full path to clipboard
Alt+Enter/Click File properties
Ctrl+Shift+Enter Run as admin
(Shift+)Tab Cycle through filters
Ctrl+0-9 Select filter
Space Preview file in QuickLook
Win+Alt+S Focus search box (customizable)


  • Make sure you are running Windows 10 or 11 and Everything ≥ 1.4.1 is installed and running (the Lite version is not supported)
  • Install EverythingToolbar using one of the following methods
  • Note: For Everything 1.5a the instance name 1.5a must be set in the EverythingToolbar settings.


Search icon

Recommended for unmodified Windows 11 installations

  • After installation on Windows 11 the setup assistant will guide you through the setup process

    If the setup assistant did not start automatically, search for EverythingToolbar in the Windows Start menu.

    If you want to use the search icon on Windows 10 (not recommended), search for EverythingToolbar.Launcher.exe, start it manually and follow the setup process.


Recommended for Windows 10 or in combination with ExplorerPatcher/StartAllBack

  • After installation on Windows 10, activate EverythingToolbar from the taskbar context menu

    You will need to open the context menu twice, as EverythingToolbar will not appear the first time.

    Windows 11 only: After installation, the search icon setup assistant will start automatically. If you want to use the deskband instead (only recommended in combination with ExplorerPatcher/StartAllback), close the assistant and end EverythingToolbar's background process via the taskbar tray icon.

  • Adjust size and position after unlocking the taskbar (Demonstration video)


  • Open the solution in Visual Studio with .NET Framework 4.7 support
  • Disable signing in project properties
  • Deskband:
    • Build project EverythingToolbar.Deskband (Windows Explorer will be restarted)
    • Install the toolbar deskband by running /tools/install_deskband.cmd as admin
  • Search icon:
    • Set EverythingToolbar.Launcher as startup project and start debugging


All kinds of contributions (questions, bug reports, pull requests) are welcome! Helping with open issues is greatly appreciated. As a basic rule, before filing issues, feature requests or anything else, take a look at the issues and check if they have already been reported by another user. If so, engage in the already existing discussion.

You can also help by translating EverythingToolbar.