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Bot/Proxy for Minecraft

Twitter @lukleh

Technical info

  • Support for 1.4.7 protocol version 51
  • Running under PyPy
  • Clean flake8 with long lines
  • Optional (mandatory for proxy mode) PyCrypto dependency if you want the datastream to be encrypted. Configurable in config.
  • pywin32 dependency under Windows in proxy mode - not supplied.
  • Rest of the dependencies is included in "libs" directory.



  • Client side artificial player for Minecraft that runs on vanilla server in offline mode. No modification on server/client side needed.
  • Basic pathfinding
  • Solid block awareness
  • Avoiding lava, web and cactus
  • Reasonable handeling of vines, ladders and water
  • No active interaction with the world. That is no digging, placing blocks, open/close doors, etc.
  • Use signs to set up points to rotate -> details below
  • Configure using command line arguments or modifying twistedbot/
  • In the idle state bot just stares at you, turning his head and body.


By default connects to localhost


Possible flags

pypy -h

In game commands

If your username (commander) is set, then you can use chat to send commands to bot.

  • "look at me" stands still and looks at you
  • "rotate 'group'" rotates (after the end, goes back to the beginning) between signs -> details below
  • "circulate 'group'" circulates (at the end, goes backward towards the beginnings) between signs -> details below
  • "go 'name'" go to specific waypoint identified by name, or if name is group and order separated with space
  • "show 'name'" show in chat waypoint, group or waypoints in group
  • "follow me" bot starts following you
  • "cancel" cancel current activity

Sign waypoints

Use signs as a waypoints. When you want the sign to be part of waypoints that bot can travel between do the following, all without quotes:

  • place sign
  • line 1: 'waypoint'
  • line 2: If number, for example '1', '2' or '3.5', it will be used as an order of how to sort the waypoints in group (if line 3 contains text). Otherwise parsed as a name that waypoint can be addressed directly.
  • line 3: Groupname, if given number on line 2, this name groups waypoints.
  • line 4: Name, if number on line 2 and groupname on line 3, then has same function as name in line 2.


  • Intercepts network traffic between client and server, usefull for debugging and figuring out how Minecraft works.
  • If you are runnig server, proxy and client on the same machine, have quad core.
  • Keep in mind that thanks to the encryption, proxy has to first decrypt and then encrypt again. This may cause a noticeable delay.


To run with defaults, server is localhost:25565 and proxy is listening on localhost:25566. Then connect your client to localhost:25566.


When you close proxy, it prints packet statistics before exit.

Possible flags

pypy -h

To make your own filter, look in twistedbot.proxy_processors.default for an example.