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1.6.2 (2010-10-21):
Bug fixes:
- Removed hardcoded references to the mdl_ DB prefix
1.6.1 (2010-10-14):
Bug fixes:
- Fix upgrade from 1.5.0
- Fix mysql incompatibilities in upgrade script
1.6.0 (2010-09-28):
New features:
- Stateful bookings, allow for multiple booking states e.g. unconfirmed
- Multiple types of attendance - partial, full, no show
- Option to require manager approval before booking's are confirmed
- Save booking/attendance history for a session
- Allow booking of a session over maximum capacity
- The ability to assign users as trainers to sessions
- Prevent taking attendance for a session that has yet to finish
- Improve session details view
- Only display location pull down if more than one location exists
New features:
- Calendar entries for students and teachers
- Calendar entries for all sessions (site-wide events)
- Custom fields (defined site-wide) for session details
- Session details can now contain HTML characters
- User timezone is used in reminder emails
- Add a new capability for determining whether or not overbooking is allowed
- Split add/remove attendees into two difference capabilities
- Allow users to enter duration like "1:20" (1 hour and 20 minutes)
- Ability to set the user profile fields to be included in attendance exports
- User search now looks in username and idnumber fields as well
- Support for multiple third-party email addresses
- Support for ID number at the activity level
- Move activity settings over to formslib
- Add an index page for Face-to-face help pages
- Optimised attendance exports
- Add duration column to attendance exports
- Use a date column for timestamp columns
- Moved most forms to formslib
- All pages are now valid XHTML
Bug fixes:
- Prevent users from cancelling after the session has ended
- Fix the order of how multi-day sessions appear
- Check session capacity on the signup page (for direct links)
- Fix backlinks on the attendance and signup pages
- Add missing course parameter to user page links
- Fix broken exports when user profile fields are missing
- Proper redirections from error pages
- Fix SQL error on new instances
1.4.0 (2008-12-01):
New features:
- Display a record of cancellations on the attendance page
- Report the expected data to the course Participants Report
- User-level activity reports ("Outline" and "Complete" reports)
- Use a custom field for the manager's email address instead of the MSN field
- Store attendance data in the gradebook
- Module settings now use formslib
- Scalability improvements in the attendance page
Bug fixes:
- [SECURITY] check the session key in all user forms
- Display actual attendance and work untick checkboxes (take attendance page)
- Show "unknown date/time" in confirmation emails for wait-listed sessions
- Don't send iCalendar appointments for wait-listed sessions
- Remove internationalisation from log entries
- Remove site-wide settings for default email messages
- Fix errors when adding/updating an activity
1.3.0 (2008-07-30):
New features:
- iCalendar support in email notifications
- Option to suppress email notifications in the bulk user signup page
- New activity setting to send notifications of wait-listed sessions to the third party
- New site-wide setting to set the default email messages
Bug fixes:
- Made all email-related errors non-fatal in the bulk user signup page
- Major cleanup of the email notification code
Other improvements:
- Remove some hard-coded strings and move them to the language pack
- Made the session capacity a text field instead of a drop-down
1.2.0 (2008-04-24):
New features:
- Teachers can now sign users up for a session, even after the fact
- Add ODF support when downloading attendance
- Dutch translation by Peter-Anne Wissema <>
Bug fixes:
- Always mark reminders as sent, even when the email to the manager failed
- Fix the default permissions to fix problems where a user is both student and teacher
- Add an empty db/upgrade.php to fix upgrade problems on Moodle 1.9
- Respect the system's date format when displaying dates and times
- Respect the system's currency symbol when displaying costs
- Strip out currency symbols from amounts entered by users and round the amounts up
Other improvements:
- Improved Javascript done in the "add session" page
- Improved capability checking in the "all sessions" page
- Reduced the request size when creating a session
1.1.0 (2008-02-18):
- Major bugfix release
Bug fixes:
- Fix error and notice messages in the cron job
- The 'Add sessions' link did not appear for non-admin users with the 'editsessions' capability
- Reminders meant for users were sometimes sent to managers instead
- Update the remindersent flag when there are no messages to send to the manager
- Make sure that the discount code is stored as NULL in the DB after a restore
New features:
- Add French translation by Jerome Decuq <>
- Add options for hiding the cost and discount fields
Other improvements:
- Wrap transactions around all of the DELETEs to improve data integrity
- Make sure every user action is logged, whether or not it failed
- Display sessions for which dates are missing
- Add details (email addresses) to reminder email cron log
1.0.0 (2007-09-28)
- First public release