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A custom SS13 fork.
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Update URLs for /tg/station and Goon Station.

They've changed, because no one believes in stable URIs any more.
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code Disable respawning when there's no mode active.
dmfifo Fix valid file name checks in dmsqlite.cpp and dmfifo.c
doc Added documentation for upcoming FIFO support
icons Move all unused .dmis to unused/.
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spool Added documentation for upcoming FIFO support
unused Removed Tajarans.
.gitattributes Remove TODO.txt from git since it's now on the wiki
.gitignore Added dmfifo build remnants to .gitignore
README.txt Update URLs for /tg/station and Goon Station.
daedalus.dme Removed Tajarans.


Daedalus - a Space Station 13 fork

Daedalus is an attempt to make something of the mess that is the current
generation of Space Station 13 code.  It is a fork of Baystation 12's
codebase, which is itself a fork of /tg/station 13, which is itself based
on the code of Goon Station 13, which itself was descended from the 
original, posted by someone going by the pseudonym "Exadv1" on BYOND.
(Yeah, the lineage is complicated).

If you'd like to help us in this noble endeavour, join us via IRC!  The
development channel is #daedalus-dev on  If, on the
other hand, you'd like to give us feedback from running the server
yourself, we'd love to have it!  The proper channel is #daedalus on  (You can, of course, report bugs and send pull
requests via the standard Github interfaces.)

  Baystation 12:
 /tg/station 13:
Goon Station 13:

The code contained herein is released under the GPLv3.  Other content
is released under the Creative Commons CC-BY-SA 3.0 license.
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