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=========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- Support for Bpipe 'agent' which can listen to requests via
JMS (activemq for now) to run pipelines
- Support sending json to JMS/ActiveMQ via send command
- Support for sending JSON content to URLs via send command
- Utilitity function 'asQuotedList' formats lists of inputs
as syntax compatible with js,python,groovy scripts
- Experimental support for "sequential" or power operator
- Print out the outputs to be created when run in test mode,
in addition to the command to run (existing behavior)
- Support for post-command hook to execute a script after every
- Add command start and stop time to output from 'bpipe query'
- Add start and stop time to display in 'bpipe errors'
- You can now specify java libraries as list in bpipe.config,
in addition to the existing string form
- Support for check review states, and improved check display
- Fix exception/error if double input extension overlaps
output with sng ext, eg. $ happens to match
upstream $
- Fix completed event sometimes not sent for failed stages
- Fix failed checks written to std out at end of run
- Fix situations where checks are re-executed when not
- Support supplying input files explicitly to run in
- Support for JMS notifications of pipeline events
- Fix error displayed by 'bpipe log' if no pipeline has ever
been executed in dir
- Prevent recursive load caused defining a segment inside a
loaded file
- Add segment structure to JSON pipeline representation
Previously segments were expanded into their constituent stages
in the JSON representation, and thus the higher level pipeline
structure was lost. Now each node and edge in the group
is given a type, and both the segment and its intenral
structure are output as nodes / edges.
- Fix sometimes getting wrong last run pid (thinks still
- Change to make error in loaded script terminate pipeline
instead of just printing error and continuing
- Fix bpipe log stops working after some commands until bpipe run
- Avoid printing out cleanup message if zero files to cleanup
- Move some of the docs out of Language and into Guides
- Prevent exception in bpipe errors if command state not saved
- Fix 'bpipe errors' not showing log output if hyphen in branch
- Fix status command, add regression test
- Groovy command in script now handles embedded quotes,
which previously caused syntax errors
- Fix error when nested segment made of single stage defined
Changes for Bpipe Version
This release has focused primarily on performance, especially
for pipelines involving high concurrency and large numbers
of inputs and outputs. To achieve this, Bpipe now depends
on new Java APIs available in Java 1.7. This means that
Bpipe now requires Java 1.7 and will not work any longer
with Java 1.6.
Additionally, a range of small bugs have been fixed and
smaller features added.
## Backwards Compatibility
Of note, there is one change that can
affect backwards compatibility. This relates to use of the
'transform' construct when multiple files of the same type are
transformed to multiple files of a different type. In the past
you could write a single transform such as:
transform('.txt') to('.csv') {
Previously this would transform every text file in the inputs
to a corresponding CSV file as output. From forward
this will only transform a single input file. For multiple files, the
transform must now be specified as:
transform('*.txt') to('.csv') {
This change has been made to resolve ambiguity, since there was no
way previously to specify that a stage transforms exactly 1 input file
of a given type.
## Change list
- Large scale refactoring for performance with
large numbers of inputs / outputs.
Bpipe now requires Java 1.7!
- Issue #180: bpipe doesn't allow empty branch list
- Issue #184: chr not passed to nested parallel pipeline
- fix wrong output referenced for 2nd double ext in
produce eg: $
- support for modules in TorqueCommandExecutor
- fix potential failure to cleanup files on error
- Issue #175: Check state can be confused b/w branches
- Handle errors in log init so that log fail doesn't prevent
ability to run Bpipe (java logging tries to obtain exclusive
locks which aren't supported on some file systems.
- Update to groovy 2.4.6 (helps performance)
- Fix ambiguous behavior of transform() when multiple inputs
match transform pattern. New behavior requires transform('*.ext') to
match upstream multiple files ending with .ext (minor possibilty for
backwards incompatibility)
- Fix output resolved as input for produce+double ext + numbered input
- Fix exception when check saved without pass/fail set
- Fix leak of tail / sed processes under OSX in some
- Fix bootstrap theme for docs not recognised
- Support to open a debugger Groovy console at any point
in a pipeline using debug() function
- Add settings.gradle to stop build failing if
checked out to directory other than 'bpipe'
- Fix possible hang when multi command used inside
- support for "mem_param" for torque executor
this allows to choose which parameter Bpipe should use
between "mem", "pvmem", etc. by setting mem_param="mem"
in a command config
- Issue #176: support multiple commands per config in multi
- Various documentation fixes and cleanups
- fix double file extension on input not resolving second and
later input (eg: when referenced in form $
Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.9
**NOTE:** see 0.9.9_beta_1 changes for further changes since previous release
- SGE: Merge branch 'sge_fixes', including:
* Fix #156, #142, Bpipe may hang or ignore job cancel / delete
using SGE executor
* add -terse to sge default command options
* change to support separate options:
'sge_pe' and 'procs' rather than combined.
(Old combined form still supported for back compat.)
* jobs are created using user modifiable command template,
specified via jobTemplate configuration parameter
which can be object with string value of path to template,
or a closure which will be executed dynamically to obtain the
* fix incorrect reporting that stop command
failed in sge
* use Bpipe resolved working directory instead of $PWD since
it is not guaranteed to be defined
* fix cases of failure due to string procs variable
getting overridden with integer (dynamic calculation
of $threads variable)
* fix incorrectly sending slots as well as pe for some
* support individual parameters for SGE options instead of compiling
them into 'additional_options'
- Fix choosing "terminate" not working for some executors
(issue #162)
- PBS-pro: combine multiple resource limits into single
statement, add support for procs, memory requests
- Experimental option for some executors to disable buffering of
standard output, applies to torque, slurm, pbs-pro. Set "stdbuf" as
option to have bpipe run commands using 'stdbuf' command to disable
output buffering, when output from commands is delayed in appearing
in Bpipe log.
- Performance optimisations for large / complex pipelines:
* Cache output graph in serialised form to avoid reading property
files at startup
* Reduce massive logging of outputs when large number of
inputs and outputs in single stage
- Add 'bpipe errors' and 'bpipe log -e' command to
show output for failed commands
- Add support to display per command output using the
bpipe log -c <cmd id>
- Fix 'bpipe test' printing exceptions and hanging on 'multi'
- Fix regression causing possible failure when stage has
outputs but no inputs
- update gradle wrapper script, include changes omitted from
2.0 upgrade
- Fix files in subdirectory not resolved when whole file name
matches input extension
- Fix variable specified with 'using' not overriding global value
- Fix 'check' results possibly leaking between branches
- Fix reading output.dir causing potential modification of
output directory
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.9_beta_1 ============
- Fix content type not set causing errors with some smtp
- Issue #155: Update to gradle 2.0 to avoid compile failure with JDK9
- Performance optimisations for large numbers of inputs /
- Should report error if is referenced and
finds no inputs
- Give a hint about which 'from' clause
pattern did not find a match in error message
- Fix typo causing exception while logging error message
- Fix: setting branch name from within stage causes incorrect
branches downstream
- Fix input resolved as output in rare circumstances
- Fix transform ... to followed by double
output variable extensions ( failing with confusing
error message
- Fix procs not set in torque job when using variable
- Make bpipe return exit code reflecting whether pipeline
succeeded or failed
- Fix: bpipe may fail to cleanup files created in subdirectories
- Fix hang / exception when using multi command (regression)
- Fix regression caused by incorrect synchronization on wrong object. Refactored
Concurrency resource auctions for clarity
- Fix regression / failure when no inputs specify any fixed thread
- Better / fairer scheduling for dynamically allocated $thread variables
- Support for ranges in procs parameter, eg: procs = 1..10, or
uses(threads:1..10) { ... }
- Fix: failure to parallelize stages inside a list added to
another list, eg: [foo, bar] + [fubar,fug]
- Added explicit license file for clarity of
- Issue #148: bpipe parsing commandline memory
specification incorrectly
- Issue #150: Cannot pass blank parameter via command line
- Various documentation fixes
- Fix: junit tests were not executed
- Additional SGE options, SGE options moved inside script
- fix: commands run using torque / pbs not using -e flag for bash,
thus only treated as failed if last command fails
- support for aliasing inputs to outputs via 'forward <x> to
<y>' to allow an input to be virtually treated as a named
output within the pipeline
- fix: bpipe terminating if ssh session terminates while showing bpipe log
in foreground directly after initial launch
- save output from LSF (to assist in debugging failed LSF commands)
- fix stages not found when defined in bpipe lib folder and referenced in
segment declaration if used after load
- Switch to use html format for emails by default
- allow user to configure email format with 'format' attribute in
- allow multiple templates per notification type with different formats
- fix problems in using 'send'
and 'file' to send explicit files based on templates
- Fix high thread concurrency used when large number of concurrent branches
created by one pipeline branch
- Explicitly destroy process after waiting
until streams closed to ensure file handles not leaked
- fix some cases where Bpipe could report file as missing when
created in slow syncing distributed file system
- Allow more screen width when using 'bpipe checks', better formatting
of check display
- Add option to list checks rather than enter interactive mode
- fix some cases where commands might not
be stopped, and outputs not cleaned up when using bpipe
stop. Update saved command info after cleanup.
- ensure stop time is always set for commands
- close possible file handle leak in (undocumented) capture command
- more robust checking for file existance
- refactor file existance checking into common utils method, to allow
wider application
- Avoid misleading termination message when user deliberately stops
- Incorrect input used as basis for output file name in transforms inside
'from', if competing input available from previous stage
- fix: rare deadlocks - use dedicated thread pool per pipeline tier to
avoid possibility of deadlocks in heavily nested pipelines
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- check /proc on linux rather than relying on kill
0 to see if pipeline is running (enables cross
user support for "bpipe log")
- Addition of documentation to Bpipe distro
- fix failure to cleanup files with no parent directory
- Add __future__ import for Python 2 and 3 compatibility
(fix failure on Mac when Python3 is default)
- switch to HTML format for default email. to switch back
to text, use notifications { smtp { format="text" } } in
- Fix presence of subdirectory in bpipe output meta data folder
causing bpipe to spew errors
- Fix files sometimes not cleaned up on distributd file system
where lag exists in synchronizing b/w nodes
- Issue #128: use qsub -N to name job according to stage/filename
- support for overriding a stage with an alternative implementation
within a particular branch
- fix: authentication failures on passwordless SMTP
- fix failure in cleanup if output properties file
did not get optional canonicalPath property added
- comment out verbose log message creating large bpipe
logfiles for long runs
- avoid encoding whole directory path into internal property file
names (fix 'file path too long errors' on file systems allowing only
256 chars in file names)
- fix parent branches not visible in children via branch property
- fix method missing error when multiplying by map by list
- Reformatting and summarizing of errors at end of pipeline to make
it easier to see where & why pipelines failed
- Aggregating identical errors from
multiple branches together in output so that failures from
many branches are less verbose
- Support for 'load' within a pipeline stage. Loads into the
context of current branch rather than global. Pipeline stages
not supported, only variables.
- prevent error if files used by Bpipe are not writable but
are deletable
- prevent premature wildcard expansion of
quoted arguments passed to Bpipe
- support for cleanup as command in pipeline stage
- prevent error if files used by Bpipe are not writable but
are deletable
- attempt to ensure log messages written
even if exit due to outofmemory error
- log message if file is not cleaned up because it doesn't
exist: help to diagnose problems with files not cleaned up
- better log info about where config files are
- allow memory to be integer for torque/slurm/etc, fix error
querying status in torque/slurm/etc, include queuing system
command id in bpipe status output
- show pending and waiting jobs with bpipe status, don't throw ugly error
if no commands ever run
- Fix: downstream references to inputs
by index throwing "expected more inputs" error incorrectly
- avoid confusing stack overflow when user defines branch
variable with same name as pipeline stage
- accept 'MB' or 'GB' in command line option for memory,
cache runtime directory instead of creating new File objects
all the time to figure it out
- prevent null pointer exception when list containing null
provided to 'from'
- fix multiple inputs not
forwarding correctly when referenced using "$inputs"
- Bug fixes for lsf, added walltime option for Lsf
- caching of DAG lookups by
canonical path to speed up large, complex pipelines
- caching of canonical path with check of basePath to ensure
- fix dependency issues after
cleanup when non-default output directory used
- Performance optimisations for systems where canonicalPath is
very slow, better logging to resolve dependency issues
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- fix: errors may printed about files not existing when attempting
to move to trash
- fix bpipe jobs not printing jobs after user ctrl-c's out of
run command
- fix incorrect default for procs_mode variable for torque
- fix ugly stack trace error when transform called without arguments
- fix failing to escape trailing . in split patterns
- branch.dir now ha a default value so that it is easier to put in reusable
pipeline stages
- Ensure walltime gets interpreted as
integer even if passed as String / BigDecimal / Long etc
- fix trash option not working in bpipe cleanup
- Fix default output directory not applied to second
produce argument if first specifies a directory
- fix produce() with reference only to output.dir causing
retry test to incorrectly indicate commands would run again
- Fix incorrect file reported for errors when multiple
external files loaded, added some comments, removed hard
- fix branch variable not overriding default value of
variable specified with var
- Fix files not checked after 'produce' if previously output and then
removed outside of bpipe
- Fix files not checked after 'produce' if
previously output and then removed outside of bpipe
- fix 'inputs' variable with double file extension not always resolving
only files matching both extensions
- fix output() function causing spurious errors about incompatible inputs
when combined with output variable extensions
- fix command not running when explicitly specified by produce() if another
implicit output referenced by command
- Support for produce using wildcard based on regex (via ~)
- Add information about total run time to report and command log
- support to specify branch filter on command line, to limit
running to a specific branch (for testing, usually)
- fix explicit output() combined with produce(...) resulting in
inconsistent behavior
- Fix stack traces printed out when errors occur to use actual name of user
scripts instead of groovy generated ones
- fix build.gradle not working with existing gradle wrapper
- Implement default behavior for transform with
more to() values than from() values instead of failing
- Fix output referenced inside check causing check to be
skipped / behave incorrectly
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- Issue 100: report does not accurately reflect repeated and
parallel stages
- fix: inputs passed in wrong order to parallel stage after 'produce' when
lexical sorting differs to input order
- enhance: migrated all of Bpipe to use groovy 2.3.4 for JDK1.8 compatibility
- Refactoring of basis for pipeline diagrams to solve longstanding bugs
- fix: commands not appearing in html report
- fix: bad log statement causing error if log
file fails to appear, better behavior for distributed
file systems where command may finish before output file becomes
visible on remote node
- fix: transform() from() to() form can result in Bpipe not detecting
command failure
- fix: pipeline fails if pipeline stage is referenced both with and without
- fix: internal errors (eg: outofmemeory) possibly leaving the Pipeline in
corrupted internal state
- enhance: Make it possible to set custom R executable via
- fix: some status codes from PBS/torque occasionally causing errors in
- fix: local commands don't show pid with bpipe status
- fix: status command showing old jobs and /
or failing in situations where command objects are missing /
- enhance: add thread id to log file (debug)
- fix: not all outputs from branches split by file pattern forwarded to
downstream stage when number of files differs in each branch
- fix: take into account whole parent hierarchy in calculating
total parallelism for computing variable
- enhance: support for sending proc_mode config param to custom executors and
CUSTOM executor config attribute
- enhance: Torque/PBS: support for sending procs request using nodes/ppn attribute
instead of procs
- fix: 'forward' failing with cryptic errors when attempting to
forward multiple files
- enhance: enabled matching of directory name in split pattern when
directory present in pattern
- fix: second and later outputs possibly not cleaned up in some
situations of command failure
- fix: branch variables not accepted as required parameters
- fix: output does not include branch if no input as base and output
extension syntax used
- fix: R aborting when user hits control-c in some situations
- fix: some complex pipelines starting with list failing with errors
- fix: fixes for PBS Pro executor from Davide
- enhance: support for PBS Pro thanks to Davide Rambaldi
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- support for 'load' to work with URLs for loading
scripts remotely
- fix chr variable created by chr() not considered as satisfying
requires chr:...
- start and stop time not set by local command
- restrict use of auto filter to cases where chr actually
in operation
- file() construct sometimes returning paths with .. in them
- Add pipeline stage name to printout in bpipe query
- support for multiple file extensions when using $output variable
($, etc)
- fix incorrect outputs resolved for filter when inputs are
resolved from a relative path leading with "." character
- fix preserve not resolving files specified by different absolute /
relative paths to Bpipe's form, (thx Anthony)
- Not serializable exception on legacy directories
- Remove legacy feature where output may
be inferred from created files: does not behave reliably in
parallelized pipelines
- support for multiple "preserve" patterns
- fix preserved status not displayed
correctly by bpipe query
- support for grouping commands in tool database
into 'modules'
- fix syntax errors in tool database
- added igv tools, fix GATK probe, add VEP to tools database
- fix binary report files copied as text causing corruption
- add stage name to meta data properties saved for each
output file
- fix filter sometimes expecting wrong input when
file extension supplied
- fix "bpipe run" leaking a tail process each time on OSX
- support for generating reports using arbitrary groovy
code in a separate script
- add tools and versions to meta data stored in
output properties
- fix status for SLURM displaying Torque in output
- fix possible conflicting output names on multiple branches
when nested branches cascade without intervening stages
- add support for referencing output graph in reports
- transform should be able to
match whole file name, fix incorrect input can be resolved
inside transform() to() construct
- display running time and pending output in response to
bpipe query
- Add procs to LSF executor
- refactored a lot of executor stuff to remove duplicated
code, plus to allow for recording start of execution time
separate to start of queuing time
- fix GB ignored as key for memory
- support to use ${output(...)} in commands instead of produce
- support for adding jars to classpath via bpipe.config
- fix requires at pipeline stage level no longer working because
overriden by top level requires function
- experimental: multithread startup to ammeliorate long delays
when file system is slow
- make it possible to remove the cwd option from lsf
executor (see google group)
- use -e instead of -eo for LSF since it is compatible with OpenLava
- ability to use multiple extensions for 'input' variable file
extensions, eg: $ returns files ending in
- fix input with file extension not requiring match on first
character in some cases
- fix problem in some weird cases where object has null class
- prevent errors when running in test mode with explicit
notifications sent in pipeline to 'file' channel
- switch to SimpleTemplateEngine because GStringTemplateEngine is not
observing classpath of added libraries, only core groovy
- fix output directory set by command line
resulting in inputs not correctly recognised in 2nd and
later stages of pipeline
- fix required inputs using exact path instead of file name
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- support for setting check message without failing or succeeding
- explicitly (check.message = "...." in otherwise clause)
- new check report to send / write a summary of all checks
as HTML (bpipe run -R checks ...,
send report('checks.html') ...)
- documentation now available to reports based on user
- "utils" now provided to templates for generic
utilities (escape, todo: documentation)
- Ensure full stack trace is
logged in bpipe log when missing function encountered
- make produce() with directory use that directory rather
than coerce to default output dir
- added new supported commands to default help display
- fix parameters passed in by command line not resolvable in
- support 'send report(...) to file: <file name>'
- fix subject line used incorrect in SMTP notifications
- inputs not being correctly checked to be provided when specified
at root level
- don't display exception info when failure is due to
value missing from specified inputs via 'inputs ...' statement
- support for 'requires' at top level outside of pipeline
- improve wording and display of error when required value is
- fix templates not able to see all classes available on
- removed all forms of throttling of R sessions (should now be
unnecessary) as it can form a bottleneck in certain
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- avoid warnings due to project properties (thanks Davide)
- refactored email functionality to use user configurable
- fix notifications for pipeline finished saying
pipeline failed when it didn't
- support for displaying information about checks at end of pipeline
- more information in SMTP notifications, including checks
- Added option to override all checks for cases where there are
very many that have failed
- changed unknown communication provider to be a warning instead
of a pipeline terminating exception.
- fix relative symbolic link to Bpipe not resolving properly
under Mac/OSX
- fix possibility of commands sometimes
not being cleaned up (add pause before terminating Bpipe,
after terminating child processes)
- Fix Slurm not returning failure exit code when
job cancelled via bpipe stop (causing outputs not to be
cleaned up)
- Added "checks" command and "override" command to display and
override checks respectively
- Fix transforms sometimes applying in such a way
as to add branch name with no period separating them from
the rest of the file name (regression)
- fix transforms producing null outputs when no period in
input file name (regression)
- support for rendering pipeline diagrams as SVG
- support for specifying pipeline stages to ignore
in diagrams via noDiagram="..." in bpipe.config (annotations to
come in the future)
- fix diagrams generated incorrectly if 'segment'
command used
- fix documentation failing to generate unless script has a
relative or absolute path prefixing it
- some tweaks to avoid rare cases double
dots appearing in file names with transform
- 'succeed' should terminate parent branch when all child
branches terminated via succeed
- support for running a pipeline "until" a specified stage
( -u)
- support for send to use HTML templates instead of
inline HTML
- support for 'succeed' and 'fail' to share
'send' syntax to generate an email or IM along with the
termination of the branch
- fix slurm executor sometimes
treating slurm stdout and stderr temp files
as real outputs of pipeline
- Fix space inserted when withFlag used with flags
ending with "="
- fix variables and functions loaded via 'load' not available until
pipeline launched (inside run { } )
- allow global resource limits (as supported by -l flag
to bpipe) to be specified in bpipe.config as well
- support for sending emails and
instant message notifications explicitly
from script, using syntax: send text 'hello' to gtalk,
and more advanced forms (documentation to come)
- support for using
explicit regex pattern to split files to parallel
paths (as opposed to simplified pattern syntax)
just add ~ to pattern
- fix (very rare) possibility for duplicate file
names when referencing 'inputs'
- added support for matching numbers
in input splitting patterns ('#')
- added support for gradle wrapper
- added gradle wrapper for easier building
(now just use gradlew instead - of gradle, and it
self downloads)
- fix custom resources not enforced when
provided as map
- fix default build to autodetect Gridgain
jars and compile without if not
- get mail.jar from Maven so default checkout compiles
- changes to allow "single" queue to handle
multiple tasks (vlsci)
- fix 'bpipe status' displaying incorrect command for SLURM, PBS
possibly others
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- fixed file(...) function sometimes returning file object
for "<file>/."
- experimental feature: supply closure with ".using(...)" for lazy
evaluation, allowing reference to runtime pipeline variables in
configuration of pipeline stages
- initial implementation of a 'bpipe status' command, to show exactly
what is currently running
- Ability to explicitly cause a
branch to either fail or succeed prematurely
(via "fail" and "succeed" commands)
- added support to transform a
single file pattern to multiple targets
- ability to configure and customize reports from bpipe.config
(custom names, etc.), and to send by email when email notifications
- allow "procs" to be specified as integer in
resource manager config
- fix first line of log file sometimes not showing when using
"bpipe log ..."
- "bpipe query" not working on files in non default output
directories (eg: specified with output.dir=....)
- more graceful / better handling of errors
that cause the script to not parse or load at all
- support for finding bpipe.config in the same directory as
the pipeline script (which might be different to the
directory that bpipe is running in)
- better handling of exception when probing tools in tool database
- new feature: allow for muliply by Map to set an explicit
mapping of branch names to inputs
- special behavior for accompanies when dealing with
transforms: always adds
extension to end of file rather than replacing
- allow requires to specify complete file name instead of just
- allow resolution of 'load' files relative to the pipeline
script itself so that it is easy to maintain a pipeline
file and ancillary files in the same directory
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- fix output.dir not working if transform annotation used
- fix silly mistake causing load external stages to fail
- fix loading a pipeline stage from within a loaded pipeline stage not
- added ability to set branch level variables that are carried forward
through the pipeline via branch.<name> = "something" syntax
- Fix output sometimes not fully flushed when running pipelines using
resource managers
- support for using arbitrary lists for parallelization over any
list of items
- fix msg writing output during probes (causing double output in
certain situations)
- when an output that is specified as an absolute / relative file that exists,
fix not seeing it in dependency graph
- better file names when output extension occurs in combination with
introduction of branch name (foo.chr1.csv instead of foo.txt.chr1.csv)
NOTE: in rare situations this might cause output file names to change,
thus may cause outputs to get recomputed for existing pipelines (in rare cases)
- allow command line region to override chr() within pipeline
- fix command configuration sometimes not displaying name
- slightly better description of command for specifying report
template (see Google Group discussion)
- fix R code failing when last line contains certain syntax
- Enable specifying file name for reports (Patch from Ido Tamir,
thank you!)
- fix problems when multiple implicit outputs computed from same input file
( and end up the same file)
- handle incorrect report template much more nicely than a giant stack
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- fix middle parallel section causing spurious error if no inputs provided
at start of pipeline
- fix error when pipeline starts with parallel section and adds a
subsequent stage (regression)
- fix file splitting patterns not working properly for very specific case
of a split wildcard (%) followed by 2 chars
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- fix __bpipe_lazy_resource_threads__ appearing in
output when commands fail instead of real value of $threads
- fix __bpipe_lazy_resource_threads__ appearing in
command log instead of real value of $thread
- prevented tools being probed more often than needed
- moved throttling of command execution into separate
class, applied throttling to tool probing so as to lessen chances
of exhausting threads or file handles when running with
large numbers of inputs and highly parallel pipelines
- fix log.warn causing any UNKNOWN status code return
from PBS/Torque to exit with error instead of retrying
- fix filter transforms sometimes basing output file
on wrong input
- preliminary SLURM support via Andrew Lonsdale (thanks!)
- when a command is configured with to use a specific
number of procs, that should override the magic $threads
variable value
- PBS / Torque support not sending memory config for
queues other than 'batch' or 'smp'
- hack: add ability to put extra classes into
$BPIPE_LIB/extra-lib.jar for use in pipeline script
- don't convert outputs containing paths to output
- further support for inputs that are directories -
prevent checking of timestamp of directory, search the
full output tree instead of just immediate inputs to stage
when a directory input is requested
- fix glob outputs not recognized as already created
when in explicitly set output folder
- fix "using" construct causing diagrams to fail
- fixed diagram failure on nested parallel section, and
when a parallel section is the root element in the pipeline
- fix diagrams failing with exception stack trace when
pipeline is split by chromosome
- fix diagrams not working when only a single stage
defined in pipeline
- add support for transform(".xml") to(".csv") { }
style syntax (experimental)
- better error message for referencing undefined function
- fixed branch names including directory portions of
input file paths when split on files from other directory
- ensure variables can be overriden from the command
- show all commands when test mode aborts a multi
- option to show only output from single thread with
bpipe log -t
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- fix input not resolved by from / input ext when
reference embedded in nested
- fix %bin% expansion incorrect when tool command is
part of the full path containing the tool itself - eg:
- fix possible double period in output file name (regression)
- fix references to output.dir causing outputs to be
inferred even when no outputs actually decided yet for
stage (eg: before produce / transform / filter, etc.).
- fix backslashes in file paths causing invalid output
paths on Windows
- fixed failures when files without extensions created
as outputs / inputs
- run commands using -e option with bash so that failure
of any command within script results in abort
- nicer error message when a filter encounters the
situation that no inputs were provided
- fix transform producing same output as input when
output file of same type as input
- add support for closure as value for variable default
to compute default value at runtime, prevent referencing
unless actually needed (useful eg: if the default should be
an input when not provided)
- attempt to fix out-of-order execution of pipelines
that start with list and append stages after
- support for "requires" to specify required parameters
for a pipeline stage
- support for multiple paths in BPIPE_LIB
- support for script files in BPIPE_LIB (in addition
to folders of scripts)
- support for ordering of execution of modules in
- fix output files not merged correctly when multiple
levels of nested
parallel segments end at same point
- updated to add withFlag for more stringent test case
- changed build to use manually downloaded gridgain lib
(GridGain pulled their repo support :-( )
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- fix double spaced output
- fix input.size() and inputs.size() throwing exceptions
- fix potential incorrect output inferred in filter operation,
causing 'expected output not found' error in some filter
========== Changes for Bpipe Version ============
- Fix race condition causing occasional null pointer
exception, making param_nested_parallel test fail
- fix exception when using bpipe preserve
- fix potential leading semicolon when executing command
- fix for incorrect input inferred by filter if actual
input used different to those supplied by previous stage
- fixed regression causing '..' in filenames from output
extension that operates like transform
- fix double period in inferred output names when no
explicit filter / transform present
- fixed dependencies working incorrectly with produce; stage skipped even if
actual inferred / used input was newer than actual inferred output
- fix multiple instances of Bpipe running R scripts
clashing other
- support for "diagramOrientation="vertical" in
bpipe.config to change orientation of diagrams
- fix diagrams not generating correctly for some
pipeline architectures
- fix commands used to generate outputs sometimes
displaying as "..." when using "bpipe query"
- improvements to tool database - more links, better
descriptions, etc.
- to prevent some of the massive output
that comes from large pipelines when re-executing, buffer
messages unless a stage actually does something.
- support for producing custom reports, named by
command line
- added source for software schedule report
- fix input ext on output with index referencing
wrong output
- fix cleanup not removing directory
- fix glob on output folder not working
- fixed output explicitly specified in produce() to be
in folder still remapped to default output dir
- added alternative bpipe runner that runs in background
- fixed filterInputs still not working right with chr()
behavior now defaults based on whether the input files contain
chromosome references rather than always filtering
========== Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.8 ============
- fixed problems with quoted args becoming unquoted during launch
(so eg: bpipe execute 'foo + bar' would not work)
- fixed 'bpipe retry' not working with quoted arguments
in commands
- fixed filter sometimes incorrectly refusing to allow output files that
should work basd on used inputs
- fix $input1 not resolving in commands if there is only one input
- fix no information about outputs printed when too many outputs
- added 'withFlag' function on $inputs, $inputs.<ext> variables for easily
adding multiple inputs with the same flag (eg: ${inputs.bam.withFlag("-I")})
- strip leading spaces from commands when joining lines together for execution
(prevent whitespace bloat in command log)
- jobid now prepended in history file
- support to retry specified job from history using
bpipe retry <jobid>
- prevent bpipe commands that fail with invalid
arguments from getting logged in history
- don't log full path to bpipe executable in history
file (breaks if bpipe location / version changes)
- fixed files failing to get cleaned up if same file was
previously cleaned up + added warning if cleanup fails
- fixed filter followed by from potentially resolving
its own stage output as input
- fix for mt issue around pipeline inputs (causing
parallel_same_stage_outputs test to fail if you run
it many times) - regression from beta 3/4
- support for @intermediate and @accompanies
(experimental) annotations
- fixed failure to cleanup outputs that are inferred from output file
extensions rather than transform / filter / produce when pipeline
stage fails
- fixed multiple references to multiinput properties
resulting in duplicated / missed outputs
- fixed reference to inputs variable followed by
reference to input variable returning wrong results
- fixed later stages not resolving inputs from non-final
stages in prior nested parallel segments
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.8_beta_5 ============
- more fixes to make config{} work properly
fixed 'config' not working / failing to execute
- fix parallel branches created from file pattern split
not using split files as basis for outputs sometimes
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.8_beta_4 ============
- support for multiple split characters in input matching patterns
- support for config closure to enable config across multiple commands or
when using "multi"
- slightly better messaging when skipping command due to existence, not
based on time stamp
- fix display of output to stderr when version probe command fails
- send to log instead
- experimental chaining of from and filter / transform
- fix "from" causing original inputs not to be queried for files in some
- fix "filter" nested in "from" failing to infer correct output when output
based on input other than input in "from" clause
- fix possible exception when using $output.prefix
- fixed second and later stages in nested parallel segments not always
resolving correct inputs
- fix attempts to use "split" in input variables failing (regression)
- added support for use of "region" variable without genome or chr splitting
to allow generic pipeline stages that can work with or without regions
- added command line option ("-L") to specify default value of region variable
- fixed "from" to match multiple inputs if used in form from("*.txt") etc.
- Added example for how to run paired end reads
- fix output extension causing wrong / confusing behavior when incombination
with a filter and unexpected input order
- fix bpipe command leaving out eclipse folder from classpath
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.8_beta_3 ============
- Updated underlying groovy implementation to Groovy 2.1
- Add "pre-existing" label to display of outputs that
weren't genereated by the current run
- fix error when creating File objects from input /
- support for using numbered outputs with file extensions
(eg: $output2.txt)
- fixed outputs sometimes being recreated unnecessarily
when multiple commands inside transform/filter
- support for implicit 'thread' variable for auto
allocating threads based on known concurrency
- fixed duplicate output files for $output1,
$output2,... if pipeline has no input files
- fix jobs not always cleaned up from global job table
- support for referencing a particular input with a
particular extension using "$input<n>.<ext>"
- fixed double period appearing in some file names when
using filter
- fixed order of output from "glob" depending on the
vagaries of the file system or java internals by
sorting it
- made 'from' conform to the convention of multiple
inputs of same time bumping to next actual input
instead of returning the same over and over
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.8_beta_2 ============
- fixed multi not failing pipeline when an asynchronous
command fails
- making filter() conform to the same behavior as
transform(): when a filter type is repeated, it moves
to the next input (see google group discussion -!topic/bpipe-discuss/G58ExlG2Vgo
- fixed error when reporting notification failures
to user
- fixed output extensions not working correctly with
filter when multiple filters supplied
- fix multi not actually parallelizing properly in
some cases
- fix regression in 'from' not accepting list (added
- fixed from with multiple arguments ignoring first
- fixed deadlock condition in using "multi" in certain
=========== Changes for Bpipe Version 0.9.8_beta_1 ============
- More flexible model for concurrency management, enabling
management of any kind of resource. Introduction of
new keyword "uses" to declare resource usage for a block
and command line options (-m, -l, -n) to control different
aspects of concurrency
- Complete re-implementation of dependency analysis so that
Bpipe understands the depedency graph and can perform
transitive dependency analysis to allow rerunning piplines
without rebuilding unnecessary intermediate dependencies.
(See Issue #2,
Includes support for new command line commands,
"bpipe query", "bpipe cleanup", and "bpipe preserve" to
display and manage dependencies, as well as annotations,
"@preserved" to declare dependencies that should not be
deleted in a "cleanup".
- support for new 'glob' function available within
pipeline stages to facilitate pipelines that need to
use wild card matches on input files.
- Annotations can be used with lower case now. Upper case
still works, but some people feel @transform, @filter,
etc. looks nicer.
- Support for parallelizing by chromosome on existing
files already split by chromosome. If your input files
are split and named by chromosome, you can use
filterInputs parameter to make the existing
files be used for inputs to the parallelization
eg. chr(1..2, filterInputs:true)
- Many various bug fixes and improvements to messaging,
behaviour and output.