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Simple python scripts to monitor server resources using Google spreadsheets and charts.

Uses google spreadsheet to archive data. Google spreadsheet provides timeline graphs for each resource tracked.

Current implementation tracks:

  • CPU (over 5 seconds)
  • CPU temp
  • Memory utilization (free, used, total)
  • Disk I/O (bytes per second total for disk "sda1")
  • Network load (tx, rx for "eth0")

Project is specific to Raspberry Pi due to CPU temp monitoring.


  • Make a copy of my google spreadsheet:
  • In your copy of the spreadsheet, go to "Form -> Go to live form". When you get to the next page, copy the form key. The form key is the obscure text after "formkey=" up to the hash ("#") symbol.
  • Edit and paste the key into the value FORMKEY
  • You may have to edit the ENTRIES dictionary in the event those values change; you can confirm this by going to the live form and viewing the source for each entry field.


  • Disk I/O only monitors the "sda1" drive. If that drive doesn't exist the script will report "0" every time it runs. This code also assumes each sector is 512 bytes.
  • CPU Temp can be configured for Celsius, Fahrenheit, and Kelvin (for fun). The script is using Fahrenheit by default because I'm a lazy American who can't be bothered memorizing Celsius conversion.
  • If this package of scripts are ever intended to run on a machine that is not a Raspberry Pi, the CPU Temp code should be ignored
  • The network utilization code only monitors the "eth0" network interface. If that interface does not exist or is not used, a "0" will be reported every time the script runs.
  • With the exception of CPU temp, all of the resources this script monitors looks at /proc/ kernel files.


You may contact me at slowikjw at



Simple python scripts to monitor server resources using Google spreadsheets and charts.



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