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Getting you kickstarted with GoCD and the GoCD Terraform provider
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GoCD Kickstarter

A repository which lets you get started with GoCD and its Terraform provider. You can use Terraform to fully express all of your pipelines as code.



  • Docker (>= 18.06.1-ce)
  • docker-compose (>= 1.20.1)
  • Terraform (>= 0.11.8)
  • curl
  • bash

Run a GoCD server/agent

You can use the docker-compose.yml file that is shipped with this kickstarter to provision a new GoCD server and a single agent along with it:

$ ./run compose

This will run the docker-compose definitions in the foreground.

Note: The GoCD server takes a lot of time to get started, sometimes up to 60 seconds. Keep that in mind when provisioning your instance.

Deploy your pipelines

The run script will do the heavy lifting for you:

$ ./run terraform apply

This will use Terraform to provision two simple pipelines, mostly echo statements, with a git material, some environment variables, and a pipeline dependency. It's not too complicated to grasp in the beginning but also complex enough to suit most initial GoCD deployments.


  • Windows support (technically, Windows is supported already, it just has never been tested)
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