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Implements a parser, simulator, and client/server evaluation architecture for the relational dynamic influence diagram language (RDDL) -- pronounced "riddle". RDDL is intended to compactly support the representation of a wide range of relational MDPs and POMDPs and support the efficient simulation of these domains. RDDL is used in a number of past and present International Probabilistic Planning Competitions (IPPCs):

RDDL Resources:

      author = "Scott Sanner",
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When you checkout the code, the first file you'll want to look at is INSTALL.txt... this includes everything you need to start simulating, visualizing, and translating domains in < 5 minutes!

If you want to use an MDP or POMDP planner in conjunction with RDDL, please check out planner releases at the above IPPC competition web pages... all support the RDDL Client/Server protocol.