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Generic access to configuration files in any formats (to be in the future)
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Anyconfig [1] is a MIT licensed python library provides generic access to configuration files in various formats with configuration merge / cascade / overlay and template config support.

Anyconfig provides very simple and unified APIs for various configuration files:

  • anyconfig.load() to load configuration files and it will return a dict-like object represents configuration loaded
  • anyconfig.loads() to load a configuration string and ...
  • anyconfig.dump() to dump a configuration file from a dict or dict-like object represents some configurations
  • anyconfig.dumps() to dump a configuration string from ...
  • anyconfig.validate() to validate configuration files with JSON schema [2] with a python module jsonschema's help [3] . Both configuration files and schema files can be written in any formats anyconfig supports.

Using anyconfig, you can load configuration files in various formats in the same way, without taking care of each file format in some cases, like the followings:

import anyconfig

# Config type (format) is automatically detected by filename (file
# extension) in some cases.
conf1 = anyconfig.load("/path/to/foo/conf.d/a.yml")

# Loaded config data is a dict-like object, for example:
#   conf1["a"] => 1
#   conf1["b"]["b1"] => "xyz"
#   conf1["c"]["c1"]["c13"] => [1, 2, 3]

# Or you can specify the format (config type) explicitly if automatic
# detection may not work.
conf2 = anyconfig.load("/path/to/foo/conf.d/b.conf", "yaml")

# Specify multiple config files by the list of paths. Configurations of each
# files are merged.
conf3 = anyconfig.load(["/etc/foo.d/a.json", "/etc/foo.d/b.json"])

# Similar to the above but all or one of config file[s] is/are missing:
conf4 = anyconfig.load(["/etc/foo.d/a.json", "/etc/foo.d/b.json"],

# Specify config files by glob path pattern:
conf5 = anyconfig.load("/etc/foo.d/*.json")

# Similar to the above, but parameters in the former config file will be simply
# overwritten by the later ones:
conf6 = anyconfig.load("/etc/foo.d/*.json", merge=anyconfig.MS_REPLACE)

For more details of anyconfig, please take a look at the documentation is available on the Read the Docs web site, which is also able to be built locally:

$ git clone
$ make -C python-anyconfig/docs
[1]This name took an example from the 'anydbm' python standard library.
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