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Livestats - Track your visitors in real-time !


This project is a lightweight solution to get a real-time snapshot of your visitor activity. The idea is to get a simple dashboard like this:

|   42   |   36   |    2   |   4    |
|  Total |  Read  |  Write |  Idle  |

and more extended features like this:

| Url                       | Title                 | Visitors |
|     | MySite - Index        | 18       |
|       | Foo - a great article | 12       |
|       | Bar - another one     | 7        |
| ...                       | ...                   | ...      |


I wanted to build and share basic features of realtime tracking services. I started this project after using GoSquared and Chartbeat. These are really cool web applications which let you dive in the details of who's doing what right now.

As one can understand, those great services are not free. And if you just want a basic dashboard like the one described above, you may want to find a free (and open-source maybe ? :)) solution !. Here Livestats come!


This solution has not been tested on heavy traffic websites. It uses your server resources to work. If you have a lot of visitors, you may want to consider professional solutions in the cloud like GoSquared and Chartbeat.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


So what do you need to run this solution ?

  • Javascript turned on in the client browser. This is pure JS, no library (like jQuery) required.
  • At least PHP 5.1 (requires PDO) on the server.
  • some really basic setup

Test Setup (SQLite)

As you can't wait to see livestats in action, go to your test server and push the following files, say in the /js/livestats repository:

    +- backend
    |  +- db
    |  |  +- livestats.sqlite (Make sure it is writable !)
    |  |
    |  +- php
    |     +-
    |     +- DBConnector.php
    |     +- livestats.php
    |     +- State.php
    +- livestats.js

Then open your main page, say index.php, and add at the very bottom (just before </body>):

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/livestats/livestats.js"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  var spy = new Livestats('js/livestats/backend/php/livestats.php');

It will setup a Livestats javascript object and start hearbeating to your server. The default ping interval is set to 15 seconds, but you can tweak that giving a second parameter to the Livestats constructor.

  // Starting a new spy with a ping interval of 15 seconds.
  var spy = new Livestats('js/livestats/backend/php/livestats.php', 15);

Usage example

You can use the library backend/php/State.php to use the information collected.

$state = State::countStates();
// Do something with $state['total'], $state['reading'], $state['writing'] or $state['idle'];

You can also setup a cron job to feed a Ducksboard dashboard. You can view this example on Gist.

Production Setup (MySQL)

I've seen that with a heartbeat interval of 15 seconds, SQLite begins to show its limits when you get more than 100 connected visitors at the same time.

Using MySQL (or any other DMS) is very simple with PDO:

  • Make sure the driver for MySQL is available on your PHP setup (use phpinfo)
  • Create a new schema on your DB server and create the livestats table with livestats/backend/db/livestats.sql (view)
  • Open livestats/backend/php/ (view) and update the $livestats_db_config setup.

And you're done! Your livestats instance should now use MySQL.

Information collected

For the first release, Livestats only collect:

  • Number of visitors
  • State of each visitor: Idle, Reading or Writing
  • Current URL + Page title visited

What we may want to add (Fork!) to future releases:

  • Referrer (javascript document.referrer)
  • Keywords (backend parsing of referrer)
  • ... (ask me !)


A simple solution get a realtime view of your visitors. Cloning ChartBeat and GoSquared simplest features, widget dashboard inspired by Ducksboard.






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