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First Place for PayPal @ Calhacks 5.0
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Let's attack this problem: College students have to make many daily transactions with other students and have no organized manner of doing so. This results in unnecessary complications and general inefficiency.

As a solution, we have created a text-based bot that processes individual and group texts via NLU to understand user intents to transfer money.


  • Leveraged IBM Watson’s Cloud Technology to analyze user messages for transaction intent
  • Utilized Knowledge Studio SDK to custom train Machine Learning Model to tag entities in texts
  • Used Natural Language Understanding SDK to process texts and understand user intent

API - Venmo

  • Used PayPal/Venmo API to transfer money between users when detecting user intent
  • Leveraged the Venmo Pay and Request Procedures to handle user transactions

API - Nexmo

  • Utilized API to read text messages between users
  • Leveraged SMS platform to send confirmation texts back to users upon successful transactions
  • Processed group texts via Nexmo Group Handler


  • Ritik Batra
  • Rohan Hajela
  • Sahil Saxena
  • Andy Zhao
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