Library for storing content inside your iOS app, with support for web-based updates.
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SSContentBundle for iOS (Library)

SSContentBundle for iOS is a toolkit for developers to support storing content inside of the application's bundle, and support remote updating of that content as changes become available.

The library uses the LiteUnzip library developed by Jeff Glatt under LGPL3.

Downloading the Library

To download the library, select a download package (e.g. v1.0.0). The download zip contains binaries for iOS 4.x, targeted for both the simulator and devices.

Alternatively, you can download the source and compile your own version.

The project file has been designed to work with XCode 4.

Using the Library in your application

To use the library in your own application, add a reference to the static library (sscontentbundle.a) and reference the include folder on your header search path.

Using the Sample Application

The ContentTest project contains a working iPhone project sample to demonstrate the functionality of the library.

To use this, download the XCode 4 project and compile.


For additional questions or feedback, please contact the team.