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This is the home page for the "Biogeography in RevBayes" workshop on Jan 8, 2017 at the SSB meeting in Baton Rouge. Please feel welcome to email me with any questions or concerns: mlandis at gmail dot com.


This workshop will cover the basics of the phylogenetic inference of historical biogeography. Topics include the dispersal-extinction-cladogenesis model, epoch models, joint inference of biogeography and phylogeny, process-based biogeographic dating, and multiclade hierarchical models.

Tutorial and Resources

The pdf provides a line-by-line walkthrough of how to perform various biogeographic analyses in RevBayes. The zip file contains four directories: scripts contains .Rev scripts that match the tutorial exercises; data contains input files, including range and molecular data and tree files; output_examples contains output files from completed MCMC analyses; output contains an empty folder where output files may be stored.

Introductory Materials

This workshop will assume you have basic familiarity with RevBayes. If you were unable to attend the Jan 7th "Introduction to RevBayes" workshop, you are strongly advised to complete the following tutorials prior to the "Biogeography in RevBayes" workshop.

  • Basic Introduction to Rev and MCMC (pdf)
  • Introduction to MCMC Simulation (pdf)
  • Substitution Models for Time-Constrained Trees (pdf)

Required Software

Other Software (visualization)