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Introduction to Bayesian inference of phylogeny using RevBayes

This workshop serves as an introduction to Bayesian inference of phylogeny using our new softare RevBayes. We will cover standard inference of phylogeny and basic substitution models for single and multiple loci. Additionally we explore partitioned data analysis and Bayesian model testing using Bayes factors.

This repository holds all the material for the workshop although the original sources are available from our website The executables can be downloaded from our website too:

Travel Awards to Attend RevBayes Workshops

Travel awards are available for selected students who will attend the SSB Standalone Meeting and the RevBayes workshops. Selected awardees must attend the RevBayes Introduction Workshop on Jan. 7th and 1-2 of the RevBayes workshops offered on Jan. 8th. The travel awards will be $400 each (for reimbursement of travel/registration to the conference) and preference will be given to students, early career scientists, and researchers working with natural history collections data. To apply, please complete this form:


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