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begininngs of patchwork contribution guidelines

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# Patchwork Contribution Guidelines
Maintained by @mmckegg
## Please ensure all submitted code conforms to [JavaScript Standard Style](
You can run `npm test` or `npx standard` to run the linter. A lot of small issues can be automatically fixed using `npx standard --fix`.
## Feel free to use [depject]( inside of the Patchwork repo, but please don't merge in depject modules from other packages.
[patchcore]( and [patch-settings]( are the only external packages that [merge in depject modules]( (and that is because of legacy reasons). Please don't treat this as best practice.
I recommend doing as much as possible in the Patchwork repo rather than splitting into a bunch of modules. This makes it much easier to maintain and update the overall application. Only split things into modules that are clearly reusable components (algorithms, widgets, indexes) and use `require` to include them.
_Originally depject was included in Patchwork to ease plugin creation, but I have realised since that this was not the best approach. When used across packages, it tends to create confusing hard to maintain APIs._
**Please consider depject deprecated in Patchwork!** It will be replaced with something else in the near future, and I want to keep as much of it contained in the main patchwork repo to assist with migration.

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