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christianbundy committed Jan 11, 2019
1 parent 9b38080 commit 6628855e92891e50c187e67fccbc09ae51ea78b5
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@@ -1,20 +1,11 @@
# Number of days of inactivity before an issue becomes stale
daysUntilStale: 60
# Number of days of inactivity before a stale issue is closed
daysUntilClose: 7
_extends: .github

# Issues with these labels will never be considered stale
# This overrides `exemptLabels` from https://github:ssbc/.github
- pinned
- security
- enhancement
- bug
- performance
# Label to use when marking an issue as stale
staleLabel: stale
# Comment to post when marking an issue as stale. Set to `false` to disable
markComment: >
This issue has been automatically marked as stale because it has not had
recent activity. It will be closed if no further activity occurs. Thank you
for your contributions.
# Comment to post when closing a stale issue. Set to `false` to disable
closeComment: false

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