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mmckegg committed Dec 18, 2018
2 parents 64fb091 + f92c0fd commit c2862716ca64f372da457241399a5daf7367abe6
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@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
"Downloading new messages": "下载新消息中",
"Indexing database": "数据库索引中",
"Scuttling...": "Scuttling...",
"word, @key, #channel": "短语, @, #频道",
"word, @key, #channel": "短语, @key, #频道",
"Profile": "个人信息",
"Mentions": "引用",
" has been released.": " 已发布.",
@@ -256,5 +256,24 @@
"Error": "错误",
"An error occurred while attempting to redeem invite.": "尝试使用邀请时发生错误.",
"Save": "保存",
"Redeeming...": "使用中..."
"Redeeming...": "使用中...",
"Applied Tags": "被贴标签",
"View Taggers": "看贴标签者",
" Taggers": " 贴标签者",
"Back": "返回",
"Only visible to you and %s people that have been mentioned": {
"one": "仅可见于你和 %s 被引用的人",
"other": "仅可见于你和 %s 被引用的人"
"Only visible to you and %s other thread participants": {
"one": "仅可见于你和 %s 其他参与此楼者",
"other": "仅可见于你和 %s 其他参与此楼者"
"Clear Draft": "清除草稿",
"Participating": "参与的楼",
"All Threads": "所有楼",
"Threads Started By You": "楼主是你",
"Search for word, @feedId, #channel or %msgId\nYou can also add author:@id or is:private for more filtering": "搜索短语, @feedId, #频道 或者 %msgId\n你也可以加作者:@id 或者 is:private 以更多的筛选",
"Browse Recently Active": "浏览最近活跃",
"Write a public reply in sub-thread (fork)": "写公共回复在子楼 (fork)"

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