Pub Servers

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This is an informal registry of pub servers. Please add your own pub if you start one!

If the pub is marked by these labels, then it is also a website which gives out invite codes!

  • :sparkles: = uses easy-ssb-pub
  • :globe_with_meridians: = Pub has a page where anyone can get freely request a fresh invitation.

Otherwise you'll need to message the pub-owners for an invite, if one is not listed here.

Public pubs

Please don't just choose the first pub in the list! In order to spread out the load of new users and not overwhelm any volunteer's pub server, select one further down the list or at random.

  • :globe_with_meridians:, run by EverLife.AI ( @q68IdbW1X3mTYGyIp/Zt1NJtJLe61W5o6NFfmgvVMMc=.ed25519 )
  •, run by Ivar ( @wOpevKYrGQKtOmovG1AONicgo3sIhoqbMPj1QMcfRDM=.ed25519 )
  •, run by Matt Lorentz (@kS1GT34Sg+Kzjcqoehz//afmIQC5+CGo8O/KvMddVrM=.ed25519)
  •, run by zie (@FcZCT4lCttqOUhIAyxi00ix2gjYJJ2E2FFekwN4/860=.ed25519)
  •, run by kode54 (@TU6163LaDNyNVN1FG5ECFQ/6tppSGexchR5MFJS52I0=.ed25519)
  •, run by its_notjack (@8VYNBjNNE4zDNOXgrf42tV5uIRuTyYBogZ46aOGbTOs=.ed25519)
  • :globe_with_meridians:, run by Aran (@WeZBYERzjvfOVlgU7vMz7RSheqe4WaGEd87ewbMvnvQ=.ed25519)

Private pubs

you'll need to contact the owners of these pubs for an invite.

Spotty Pubs

Inactive Pubs