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Scuttlebutt Guide

Looking to learn how to build in Scuttlebutt? There's currently no canonical resource, but here's a map of the known archipelago!


Have you found an Uncharted Isle? We'd love to hear about it.



  • - has great details about sbot and ssb-client (and other modules)
  • - a predecessor to, much of the same content, has some other tutorials

scuttlebutt stack




Intro to Node

  • video + repo (ssb | github) - a rough intro to node

Intro to Scuttlebutt (v2)

  • no video on this one, but I think you should start here Intro to Scuttlebutt (v1)
  • ssb-client - repo + video (ssb | github), learn how to connect to your databaseand do some streaming queries!
  • flumedb - repo + video (ssb | github), an intro to the database under scuttlebutt, about how to construct some views (reduced versions of the database) for powerful lookups!
  • scuttlebot plugins - repo + video (ssb | github) plug your flumeview into scuttlebot (I figured our what went wrong at the end of the flumedb video!)

Intro to Mutant

  • Part 1 - video, introduces observeables with Value, and when. Make a part of the page toggle dynamically
  • Part 2 - video, introduces computed which takes in multiple observeables and makes a new observeable, and Struct (kind a like an observeable object with pre-defined keys). I focus a bit of refactoring and moving code around to give you an idea of what's possible.

Mutant is a client side reactive library which is all about mutating the DOM. It's used by Patchwork, Patchbay, Ticktack (and the underlying lib Patchcore).

Written - a command line intro that uses docker to spin up several sbots and get them talking to each other. - an electron app with integrated scuttlebot server for quickstart application development.

Code snippets - lots of code snippets, some background - (see HowTo Guides down side) more detail, but an odler reference


A collection of links to known resources!



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