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A module for scuttlebot that interprets pub owner announcements and presents a list of pubs run by your friends or within a certain number of hops.

One way to run this, is to install it on your machine and set friendPub.hops to 1. Meaning only replicate with pubs run by me or my friends. Then install it on your pub and set the same config to 2. This way your pub will replicate to the same pubs that you replicate, and won't start replicating to random pubs.

Please note that this does not guarantee that your messages will not be gossipped outside your friends, as any node not running this module will connect to random pubs they have encountered. But it does give you some level of control and also this will prioritise messages to your friends assuming they connect to their pubs more often that other pubs.

Can be installed as a plugin and enabled in config using:

  "plugins": {
    "ssb-friend-pub": "friendPub"

This will make ssb-friend-pub prioritise pubs run by your friend. In order to only connect to these pubs, ssb-server 13.5 is needed. You need to disable global gossipping and enable friends as follows:

  "gossip": {
   "friends": true,
   "autoPopulate": false,
   "global": false,
   "local": false,
   "seed": false

Message types for owner of pub:

  • { type: 'pub-owner-announce', pub: '@id' }
  • { type: 'pub-owner-retract', announcement: '%id' }

Message types for pub:

  • { type: 'pub-owner-confirm', announcement: '%id', address: "xyz.onion" }
  • { type: 'pub-owner-reject', announcement: '%id' } // to reject a confirm later on

If an address has been posted using ssb-device-adress then this will be used and the address in confirm message can be skipped.


ssb-server publish --type pub-owner-announce --pub @lbocEWqF2Fg6WMYLgmfYvqJlMfL7hiqVAV6ANjHWNw8=.ed25519


  "key": "%ZSsBgNjZcM+DSwIgvL965Ci71huNJGH5YwonUKGFb2M=.sha256",
  "value": {
    "previous": "%JQHAq5bbWlNFK7qsWjzPnIyuTfZuasyC51/jpoyylYY=.sha256",
    "sequence": 5429,
    "author": "@6CAxOI3f+LUOVrbAl0IemqiS7ATpQvr9Mdw9LC4+Uv0=.ed25519",
    "timestamp": 1545478575777,
    "hash": "sha256",
    "content": {
      "type": "pub-owner-announce",
      "pub": "@lbocEWqF2Fg6WMYLgmfYvqJlMfL7hiqVAV6ANjHWNw8=.ed25519"
    "signature": "K/RGckneV7G8WdO2gGxqSZ+Y9cptytLrNoFEyN3B6w2qUvycup0WxHKtWSylL+zy4Jbquu3Tv3pD0/fG2otVCw==.sig.ed25519"
  "timestamp": 1545478575785

On the pub use key:

ssb-server publish --type pub-owner-confirm \
  --announcement %ZSsBgNjZcM+DSwIgvL965Ci71huNJGH5YwonUKGFb2M=.sha256

This can be combined with the ssb-incoming-guard module.

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